Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It poured

Yes. Another one of those.
And i guess i could end up writing about the same days twice as i get my Canon pictures developed, but i don't think i will. At least those pictures speak mostly for themselves, whereas iPhone pictures need all the help they can get!

Saturday was the perfect, crappy rainy day.
We slept in, went out into the rain with our umbrellas to have a late breakfast, and then back home, in our cozy little apartment.
I had a super productive day of studying Japanese, painting and reading. Basically all i wanted to do that day! It doesn't sound like much, but i had a big old writing and drawing bump on my finger by the end of the day.

In the evening we went by the shop and picked up Hata so we could go have a rainy day ramen dinner, and after dinner Hata surprised us with a "ok, let's go paint the new shop", so that's what we did.
Painted, sanded and pulled down old wallpaper with our bare hands. The worst was actually putting masking tape under their new desks. You have no idea. So yeah, the writing bump wasn't the worst thing to happen to my fingers that day, getting wallpaper up under my nails was!

It wasn't exactly what we had planned for our evening, and i got so filthy i had to shower and wash all of my clothes when we finally came home (some of which will never recover fully... damn oil-based paints), but it was kind of the perfect way to spend our night anyway. And we did tell Hata to let us know when he needed help, anytime, so we couldn't complain!

We ended our night on the couch, watching a crazy UFO documentary that was really more of a deranged fan's interview with Dan Aykroyd. Good stuff!

My regular order: a BLT with egg and cheese without the bacon, and a small royal milk tea

After breakfast we went to the office supply store... i'll use any excuse to buy cute notebooks... any!

Painting tables, painting panels... the new shop is gonna be great

I've tried taking pictures of the new space with my Canon, but they come out boring as hell, sadly.
Hopefully that'll change around the time they open, so i can show you how rad it is.
I'll also be posting directions and stuff, for any readers who are current or future clients of Allan or the shop, just so you guys don't get lost!

Today i am meeting Crystal for some fabric shopping (in my case hopefully just looking, cause fabric is so damn heavy to take home) and later we're gonna meet Lindsay for Japanese book shopping in Shinjuku.
Pretty excited about both. Hope it won't rain.

I just got a film back last night, mere hours after finishing it, which always trips me out, so the next post will be all analog goodness.
Even i am getting sick of looking at grainy iPhone pictures.
I sure hope iPhone 5 (or the New iPhone, or whatever the hell they decide to call it, if and when it ever comes out) will have a better camera.
God, i'm demanding.


  1. I would so love to go fabric shopping in Japan...it's like craft heaven! i think i'd have to hire a container to ship it all home! let us see what (if!) you buy!

  2. That BLT looks amaaazing. And I love rainy days hidden inside, they're my favorite. :)


    I keep meaning to mention on my blog or twitter or anywhere that there's this guy I take the bus with four days a week who looks like a gay, younger Dan Ackroyd.  And he's French.

  4. All I'm going to say is 'Fabric shopping!!!!'.

    Sounds like heaven. Post pics of any amazing finds

  5. I can't stop living vicariously through these posts!! You have really sold me on making Japan my next holiday spot. Maybe after I officially have to move from India on my way back to the states! 

  6.  I didn't actually buy ant fabric! I got a vintage kimono, but i decided to wait with the fabric until i have actual projects.

  7.  The blt is so good. It has mustard in it. Like a special one. I usually hate rainy days at home cause we have to walk the dog at least 5 times a day, and he's into long walks. But here they're great!

  8.  He sounds dreeeamy...

  9.  No finds. Well, there could have been but i managed to control myself! They have good stuff, though, and once we find a new home, i'll be buying lots of stuff.

  10.  You should do it, it really is wonderful here! Magical, like India, just totally different of course!

  11. Ugh Cypress is into numerous long walks too. It's not so much an issue here in New Mexico (since it hardly rains and when it does, it passes quickly) but back in Maine it was a constant annoyance. Sometimes on rainy days I'd take her to doggy daycare because I hated walking in the rain so much.

  12. A totally intrusive question (I know) but are you a vegetarian because I noticed you got that BLT sans bacon.  I was just wondering your experience with vegetarian food in Japan.  If you aren't, then please disregard my question.  :)

  13.  That's fine. I am, and i think being a vegetarian here is tricky but not impossible. I certainly manage to eat a ton of delicious food (and my husband get whatever meat sneaks onto my plate, so everybody wins!)