Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I wish i could send you a postcard

The weather is grey and dreary looking today, and it sounds super windy too, and i am using that as an excuse to stay in and blog and drink coffee (Hata found decaf Nescafé at the supermarket last night... yay!), at least until Allan gets off from work.

Yesterday i finally met my friend Crystal's dog, and of course, that made me miss my own little buddy.
I'm sure he's fine with my mom and dad, but i still hope he misses me too, just a tiny bit.

 Lucifer by the lakes

 Probably wondering why he had to go back in his basket

Going home from work early, judging by the light

Close to the shop

You bet i felt like a tourist taking this

 On Ravnsboggade

Best little face ever

 Totally messing with the analog theme here, but i need you to meet Kiku too, cause she's so adorable

And while we're on the subject of dogs (which i almost always am, in one way or another), i almost bought this slightly too small and slightly too pricey vintage kimono, because, well, BEST PRINT EVER!

Besides doing nothing, i kind of need to go buy a concert ticket, and plan our upcoming vacation-inside-the-vacation, that keeps getting cut shorter and shorter. Even when we think we're not gonna be busy, stuff always comes up. In this case, visitors and Ink Rat moving to a new location, and it's all happening at the same time. But our vacation will still happen, and it'll be awesome, even if it's only three days.

I'm still super dizzy from the trip over here. Does flying make you dizzy for days/weeks too, or is that just me?


  1. That is a beautiful husky! And Lucifer is certainly a well-treated beastie...he's adorable. And I get dizzy after flying issue is that I usually don't drink enough water!

  2. I bet Lucifer misses you, dogs are more perceptive to change than we give them credit for.  Apparently we're in for stormy weather today but it should be better tomorrow and Friday.  It means that all the sakura will be blown away though, back to boring green trees then.  Hope you're having fun!

  3. I love the images! Lucifer is the best! Sounds like Japan is amazing! Very jealous

  4. that first picture is so perfect! he looks so cute in his little basket. 

  5.  I definitely drink enough, i guess i'm just really sensitive. Sometimes i'll be dizzy for a full month!

  6.  We skyped with him yesterday, it was great. And he totally misses me! See you in a bit!

  7.  Very amazing.

  8.  Thanks! He's a good little model.