Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Zombie Jebus Day, or whatever

We're leaving tomorrow and i still haven't figured out which shoes to bring.
Oh well, at least i've remembered to buy vitamins and motion sickness pills and other essentials, and everything else seems taken care of too.
I have only the tiniest hint of anxiety today, and that's ok. You gotta leave room for legitimate worrying too.

Only a few insta-pics, cause my brain can't deal with proper posting right now
(1. My husband is getting good at decaf latte art 2. Lucifer snuggles while i watch Trek... i'm gonna miss that snout 3. Home alone last night, painting and watching Ancient Aliens, my new obsession, on Youtube 4. My mom made this for an old amethyst i've had since i was a kid... turned out great, i think!)

Speaking of instagram... in case you didn't know, the worlds greatest app is now available to Android users, so if that's you, come find me: @floraamalie


  1. Yay for not feeling TOO anxious! Hope you guys have a great trip, and Zombie Jebus watches over you.

  2. Zombie Jebus the god of chocolate goodies.  Have a safe trip, the weather here is faaaab and the Sakura is making everyone feel fantastic.  Maybe see you on Friday 13th?  Bon Voyage!

  3. "You gotta leave room for legitimate worrying too."  <-- That is a fantastic allowance! I need to remember that.

    Is Ancient Aliens a film or a program? The other night all three Alien movies were on in a row! I was so excited- even when I was little those were favorites.I know you just got to Japan so I won't post safe travels, but I hope you catch up on your rest soon and I look forward to seeing pretty pictures soon!

  4.  I try to remember that too. Non-anxiety people get nervous and worry too, so we don't have to beat ourselves up about doing that every once in a while.

    Ancient Alienc is a discovery or history channel (or one of those) series. It's a lot of fact, fiction and fantasy, presented by awesome alien experts!
    I haven't done an Alien marathon in so long. Maybe i should do one before Prometheus comes out?