Sunday, March 4, 2012

The weekends aren't long enough...

I've had a pretty amazing weekend, but after a week like we had, i still don't feel nearly rested enough.
In fact, my anxiety levels today are a little higher than i'd like them to be.
Probably because my dumb mutt got in another fight yesterday, almost identical to the last one, and although he seems to be doing ok, he still got this weird swelling under his chin that worries me.
But since it didn't seem to bother him, and it has gone down a bit, we decided to skip the super expensive weekend trip to the animal ER this time!
But i might try and take him to the vet tomorrow. Just cause i can't stand something, anything, being wrong with my special little guy.
Also, i'm seriously considering keeping him on his leash when we're with larger groups of dogs, since this apparently is gonna keep happening. It's too bad if that's how it has to be, but i seriously can't take any more of this. And even though what happened wasn't his fault, that still doesn't change the outcome.

In more positive news, i've made Japanese food all weekend!
Curry on Friday, tempura and soba yesterday, and tonight i'm thinking of attempting gyoza for the first time.
I know, not technically Japanese, but they are to me.

Gorgeous weather by the lakes on Friday

Saturday morning walk in a 20 kr hat i bought back in January

My parents came back from a trip to their second home, St. Croix, and we made them welcome home brunch

My dad tried to revive Jean-Luc, and kind of succeeded... but only kind of...

I made too much tempura and it nearly killed me! Cold sweating all night, but it was so good, it was almost worth it!

Today, Allan went to the shop to print some photos in the lab and scan some paintings for his upcoming show, and i'm just staying home, i guess

After the whole Pinterest drama, i started having second thoughts about making that tattoo-tab i talked about before leaving for Japan.
But i decided to go ahead with it, for me and for my tattoo interested readers.
I'll just watermark the shit out of every photo and hope no one wants to use them after that!


  1. Sorry you're so dog makes me anxious too.  She never starts fights but sometimes is the object of them.  Luckily (?) she's a good fighter and always wins, and the dog doesn't mess with her again.  I know for us, it's worse when Cypress is on a leash because she feels "trapped" (and she was attacked by two dogs while on leash).  What makes it worse is that every time we approach a dog I get nervous (because I'm afraid a fight will start) and I'm sure that just heightens her energy and makes her more likely to fight.  Haha can you tell how anxious this makes me? Anyway I hope your beastie is okay and doesn't find himself in any more fights!

  2. Lucifer usually doesn't start fights either, but he doesn't back down when challenged and that's the problem. He's brave, but so small! But when when he wins (if you can call it that) there's still the chance of him getting injured, and i'm so over that.
    I think i'll just try to act like i usually do, but keep him on his leash in bigger groups (or avoid them). He doesn't even like playing with strange dogs anyway, so sometimes it seems like it's just a power struggle waiting to happen.
    Hope you will avoid any more of those situations too!