Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday with Gilbert

Ok, i lied, no analog fun today.
Not cause i don't have the goods, you know i do, but because we went to visit my brother, his wife and my nephew (totally love saying that, by the way), and baby pictures won.
I took a few with the Canon too, but here are the best ones from the iPhone to start with.

The little guy is so much bigger than last time i saw him, and tons more fun.
He's smiling and grunting and putting his fist in his mouth, and doing some pretty epic farting too!
Yes, i am very proud.
I got him so much stuff in Japan, and it was so nice to finally be able to give it to him, even though he obviously doesn't have a clue that they're for him, or even what they are. But still!
We ended up staying for four hours, which was much longer than planned, but it was nice, and i even got to hold him for a while.
And Lucifer had a good time playing in the garden with Tobias' dog Carla, and i think he needed that too, after all the shitty mean dog run-ins he's had recently.

 Happy to be eating

Upside down Gilbert

Smiling Gilbert

 Ok, stop looking like my brother as a baby so damn much, it's creepy

Jean-Luc has been dead since before we went to Japan, so to get up there, we had to bring him to life first.
My dad had brought us a battery last weekend to jump start him from, but we were pretty worried about what would happen if the engine died, as it sometimes does. We'd have to get out, extra battery and cables in the middle of the street to start the damn thing! He was making weird sounds too...
Lucky for us, he only died once, while we were still parked, and the trip up there went fine. And after having to stop for gas after about half an hour on the freeway (cause yeah, of course the damn thing had to be out of gas too) he even started on his own! So our exceptionally crappy, but still much loved, car is alive again, and that's kind of a huge relief.

Ps. I know what today's date is, but there's nothing i can say about it that'll make much of a difference i think. Except maybe think some nice and positive things about the victims, and donate if you have money. They still need it.


  1. Gosh, hasn't this year just flown by? It's scary!

    He's such a cute little thing! He has so much wisdom in his face. You must be such a proud Aunt :)

  2. Isn't it great being an aunt? I have a little niece who's that we live in NM we won't see her as much but when I do see her it's always a blast. AND I can give her back at the end, so everyone wins! hahaha :) Love these photos and glad you had such an amazing day.

    It is pretty nuts how quickly this year has gone by.  I remember where I was when I heard (the lobby of a hotel in Pennsylvania), such a tragedy. 

  3. Omg Amilie he is absolutely gorgeous. You must be so proud. Wait until he can talk and calls you auntie. I still get a little feeling when Luke calls me Auntie Claire. It's the best

  4. I love that your car is called Jean-Luc!

  5. I am, but i'm looking forward to him being more of a person and actually recognizing me. That'll be fun!

  6.  This guy is my first, so i guess i'm a little extra excited. And yes to the giving them back part!

  7. Definitely looking forward to that :)

  8.  Jean-Luc the Car is his full name actually :)

  9. CUUUUUUUTE!!!! :P