Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not so wordy, not today

It's cold again. Damn cold.
But that's ok, cause in a week from today, i'll be on my way to Japan, where it will be if not much, then at least somewhat warmer, i'm sure.

Today we're at work. Or Allan is working, i'm just here for emotional support, which means i sit around and doodle and answer some emails and walk the dog. So basically a less busy version of a regular work day for me!

My thigh is a little sore today, but nothing compared to what it usually feels like after getting tattooed.
I think i see more mini sessions in my future.
Oh, and i named my elephant Amitabh. Just thought you should know that.

Here are some pictures from Vesterbro, Nørrebro, my home, and a few more of Gilbert too.
I don't even think this is the last of that film?!

Another one of Lucifer enjoying a bit of sun before heading to work in his basket... he's such a sweet boy

 Quiet water


The back of a bus shed

One of those places i pass every day, no matter where i'm going

 Blurry baby and proud mama

 Possibly burping

 Conspiracy in bloom

 I'll never get tired of this color combination

My shoes airing off after getting some water and dirt resistance spray

The guys

Ok, gonna go back to doing as close to nothing as possible now.
Maybe i'll watch some documentaries? It's almost 6 pm and Allan hasn't even started tattooing yet, so i think i have time for more than one!


  1. It's been friggin' cold here today too :( It's been around 20 degrees all week!

    Awesome, I've just favourited the documentary link. I could do with learning some more stuff!

  2. I recommend the two part series about Madagascar by sir David Attenborough (although the last part is missing something), and the one about Chernobyl's animal life is really awesome too!