Friday, March 30, 2012

Fancy friday

I've had another ok day.
I could get used to this!

 I love it when our wonderful clients stop by with cake on cake day... and i loved the cake too!

I never wear this vintage dress even though i've had it for years, but now i think it's just because i never thought to wear it with a cute belt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes

 I made a very unofficial new years resolution (not even on the list) to get tattooed at least once every month in 2012, and my husband luckily agreed to play along after work, when i realized it was almost last call for March!

We're watching the original Star Trek series, and eating ice cream.
I really wanted to go out this weekend (new shoes syndrome, probably) but this is good too.
This is real good.


  1. Little, regular tattoo sessions are the best. Damn, I miss working in a tattoo shop!

  2. I've never tried little, regular sessions, but i want to! I rarely experience the perks of having a tattoo shop, other than not paying of course, which is pretty great. Getting tattooed for that short a time does seem a little stupid afterwards with all the aftercare and stuff. It makes me feel like i should have done for to make it worth the discomfort later, you know?

  3. Oh that elephant! i love it! is it on your thigh? i'm having a hard time figuring it out!
    and that cake looks great, what kind is it?

  4. Fingers crossed that the Sakura will be blooming when you get here.  They've just started to open in Nakano and Yoyogi so hopefully they'll still be about in a week.  Have a safe trip!

  5. Yeah, that does make more sense! I used to like getting an hour or two, every few weeks. That way you see progress quicker and you don't have to sit in pain for hours.