Friday, March 2, 2012

Cake day and Tokyo randoms

It's Friday and it's cake day, so it's safe to say that i'm having a pretty good day.
I've been writing a lot of emails and i also just wrote that post about Pinterest i talked about yesterday (but i'm not gonna post it yet, as i still need to sort out some links and stuff), so i'm feeling a little worded out right now.
So it's a good thing that i always have a few pictures from Japan to share, right?
Good for me, anyway!

These are from the Canon S90, the camera who must have felt like an awkward third wheel once i got the AE-1. Sorry about that, little buddy.

Waiting for the Chūō line

 That Hello Kitty bus again

 I've never seen Hata smoke anything before in the 8 years i've known him, so i was a little surprised when he agreed to smoke a piece of paper with a maple leaf in it!

 Our tatami room

The-friend-formerly-known-as-Wookie brought blueberry cake... i love cake day at the shop!

I'm crampy and i wanna cook the Japanese curry i was too tired and angry to make when i came home late last night, so i think i might sneak out early.
Also, Allan just started a friggin sleeve at, like, 5.30 in the afternoon, so i don't know if i even have it in me to wait for him today!

See you back here tomorrow for (maybe) a long internet rant and (maybe) some pictures.
Happy friday all!


  1. Cake day sounds like an especially awesome day.

    I just read a post on pinterest today, i'm eager to hear your thoughts. 

  2.  Cake day is the best!
    I don't think i have anything new to add to the pinterest debate, but sometimes it's just important to let people know where you stand.

  3. HATA'S SWEATER!!!!! Fuzzy wuzzy man. I believe I shall declare some day soon a "cake day" because that sounds wonderful. 

  4. You gotta respect a man who wears a mohair sweater like it's no big deal! Or, i certainly do.
    Cake day is great, all shops should have it! The best thing is when your clients start to notice and just bring cake out of the blue.