Monday, March 12, 2012

Around the lakes (swan heavy post)

I thought i'd start the week by posting some lake-bird pictures, since you seem to enjoy those almost as much as i do. Maybe that's why i like you guys so much?

Some of these were taken just a few weeks ago when it was still actual winter, and considering the glorious weather we're having today, spring seems to be moving in on us faster than usual.
I hope it's here to stay, but you never know, March is not to be trusted in this part of the world.

Single swan, so pretty

 A black goose is not a common sight around here

 I think he knows that too

 The guy feeding the birds told me that the this type of geese can get kind of mean (like extra mean) and even chase off the regular geese, that i've always considered the meanest of all lake birds

I was lucky to meet the guy twice in one week, and both times i had my camera with me

Looks like a pretty dull picture at first, right? But here are a few details i was unaware of while taking the picture: swan on the left looking like he's wearing a duck hat, swan on the right chasing off another duck, swan in the bottom looking like it's turning around to watch the spectacle, and top right: turbo coot!

A few weeks earlier the lake was still semi frozen

Clear blue skies, we've been seeing them a lot lately

Like little stars

 Swans on thin ice cross the lake from the shop (our street is the one on the left)

I'm on frame cleaning/spray painting duty at work today.
Allan's upcoming art show is pretty much taking up all of our time and energy, but it's gonna be so worth all the hard work. I'm really proud of my amazingly talented husband.


  1. Ailuropoda MelanoleucaMarch 12, 2012 at 8:29 PM

    Looks pretty. Duck hat made me laugh!  

  2. Flotte billeder babe! Og du er den bedste kone i verden! Søøøøød!

  3. March could never be trusted in Maine, either.  Neither could Canada Geese, I hate those things! They are wicked mean and gross. But if they're in water and not my yard I'm fine :) Beautiful photos!

  4. I LOVE these! SO beautiful!

  5.  Good to hear it wasn't just me who thought that was hilarious!

  6. Bedste, sødeste mand!

  7.  Vroom vroom!

  8.  Thanks so much!

  9. I LOVE the swan photos, more please! can I also put in a request for more turbo coot please? 

    The black geese are really aggressive, the feeding man was right! here in England you don't wanna get on the wrong side of those guys because they will bite (snap?) you, oh and chase you. they're hardcore.

  10. That goose looks like he's from here! Canadian goose, up in Denmark! It's the Corey of geese. 

  11. p.s. total duck hat

    That's weird. 

  12. Haha woo! I'm a goose?

    Oh and Nova, my grandfather would correct you and say its a Canada goose, because this one is most likely not from Canada ;)