Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adventures in the lab, part 2 (and some more ranting)

Or, "the less good pictures from our trip to visit Izumi", as it could have been called.
I haven't even finished developing this film, but i still wanted to post a few more of my favorites.
Some of them i still need to do again, and that's why they're the "less good" batch, but that thing where we ran out of paper got in the way of that!

 Sweet little old lady in the village, and an island in the background (this is so much nicer all straight and framed... just saying)

Allan and Izumi are doing our secret call of the vikings that we've perfected over the last 8 years!

At lunch in the tiny Udon restaurant

Sadly there where a few negatives like this one, but i like it anyway

Boats, boats, boats!

Omg, you guys.
I don't do them often, but i am so over posting "opinion pieces" already.
My post about Pinterest got a lot of attention (my traffic pretty much doubled) and mostly nice comments. Even the ones disagreeing with me were totally courteous for the most part, and that's always nice. But i also got one comment (that were luckily caught by the disqus spam filter) that was so fucking rude and condescending, not to mention misguided and uninformed, that i almost couldn't believe it. And for once, it wasn't our friend anonymous doing the posting.

I'm not gonna approve it or even reply to it.
But i will, for clarification (not that i think it should be necessary) add the following to the post:

In case it wasn't clear, that post was not about how much i hate Pinterest users, how i think they have bad intentions, or how all the sites i frequent, like blogger and twitter, are just perfect and great and have wonderful terms of service (they don't, they're all super evil).
It was a post about how, even when you pin something that links back to the blog you took it from, Pinterest has the right to resell and exploit (whatever the fuck that means) those pictures. They basically own them, and as the real owner of the picture, you have no way to take action against that.
It was an angry, but informative rant, or at least that was the spirit it was posted in.

You, the Pinterest user, may think you're doing a person a favor, or flattering them, by pinning one of their pictures, and flattery may very well be your intention, but if that person doesn't want their picture posted on a website with sketchy terms, shouldn't that be up to them? Pinterest doesn't give them that choice. And not everyone thinks to include the real source of a photo, if they even know it.
See, most of the pictures i found on there that where mine, had been found elsewhere, most of them via google image search and tumblr, and those were the sites listed as the source, not this blog. So Pinterest itself is not giving me any new traffic. In fact, as far as i've been able to tell from my stat counter, my blog hasn't gotten a single hit from Pinterest ever, and i know a lot of other bloggers say the same thing.

Although it may seem like that from reading my post, it was after all an angry rant, my hope isn't that people will stop using and enjoying Pinterest. My hope is that Pinterest will a) change their terms, so they're less insane, illegal and self contradicting and b) make it easier for people who own an image to have it removed if they wish to do that.

I sincerely hope this is the last i have to say about Pinterest for a long-ass time.
I was just starting to really enjoy blogging again, and now i'm having to go back to that same post and reply to comments there every day and that's kinda turning me off the blog and that's no fun.
Can we maybe move on already, to more fun stuff, like talking about food or Japan or tattoos and whatever else we usually talk about?
And if you have something new to add to the Pinterest debate, (and i wish there was a different way to put this that doesn't make it sound like i don't love your comments in general, cause i do) please consider maybe finding a forum or something, before commenting here?

*Yeah, i suppose i could just leave the comments there unanswered, but that's not what i usually do here, and i hope i won't have to become the kind of person who deletes comments either.


  1. That's one reason why I tend to wuss out with opinion pieces...arguing online is one of the most frustrating things in the world to me because I'm always torn between not saying anything or clarifying my opinion...then I end up thinking about it all day and it just makes me too anxious to be worth it.  In fact when 2012 rolled around the only resolution I made/stayed with was to not try to prove people wrong on Facebook or Twitter, haha.  

    I'm not saying at all that you shouldn't have posted it, because I think it was informative and well-written. I was just commiserating with you on the fact that that kind of attention can turn you off of blogging.  

  2. I'm totally the same way. I had to answer a few comments before going to work, because my brain was already working overtime replying to them in my head while i was in the shower and getting dressed and eating breakfast.
    It hardly seems worth the trouble sometimes, but i am very opinionated in real life and it doesn't always come through on my blog because i'm too anxious, and i guess i'm trying to get better at being more unfiltered in my blogging, but i still have a long way to go!
    Thanks for the sympathy!

  3. That's me too! I totally plan out responses in my head and ask Rob if I'm being stupid like 700 times...I'm also opinionated in real life, but it's a lot easier for me to argue when the person is right there and we're discussing, rather than waiting all day for them to respond. Just thinking about it now makes me all anxious, haha! I created a blog posted a few months ago about equality and gay marriage, something that I'm very opinionated about online or off, and I stressed every time I got a new comment. Something I need to work on maybe! :)

  4. Eh, there's always somebody who chooses to take something the wrong way or get all defensive over anything even the slightest bit controversial. (Which, by the way, I don't even think your post was...it was basically just facts that some people didn't take the time to read thoroughly.) It's like...just stop reading my blog then, if you don't like it.

    I'm not a really nice person in real life, and I've kind of tried to hide that in my blog, but lately I think I've let it slip a bit, haha. I don't have patience for ignorance and I don't laugh politely at stupid jokes. I don't make small talk. Why should my online me be nice to dummies?

  5. It's the anticipatory anxiety thing. The waiting is worse than the actual thing you're scared of. I get it! And i'm totally gonna try to find that post and read it now!

  6. Dude, thank you! I didn't find it controversial at all either. It was more like "here's how Pinterest works, and also, you shouldn't steal shit". prtty basic stuff. But yeah, some people seem to just be waiting for an opportunity to get offended or find someone to disagree with.

    My biggest problem with these things is, that i am a nice person, to the point of being too nice, and i actually have to work on being less of a doormat for people, and give less fucks about the opinions of others.
    I loathe smalltalk too, unless it's with sweet little old ladies, then i'm all about it!

  7. Love these images. You can't beat images from film. I miss the darkroom days