Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adventures in the lab, part 1

I actually had a very wordy, and very serious, post about copyright and the evils of Pinterest planned, but the more i think about it, the more annoyed i get, so i figured i better take a break from that and go to my happy place. Not actually go there, but yeah, you know..
So, Japan it is!
But the Pinterest thing is happening, eventually, cause that shit needs to be dealt with.

Anyway, i've divided the pictures into two posts; one from Fukuyama and one from Tomonoura.
I think i've mentioned before that these look way nicer in person, and that they're a little, ahem, crooked*, so i'll stop making excuses right now and just let the damn pictures speak for themselves!

In Izumi's neighborhood

  Handsome husband

On Izumi's street

Local shrine from the outside

And inside

Princess Akari

Steaming hot Nabe

Allan and the princess, hanging out in the living room

I'm not sure they'll appreciate the mention, but i still need to say that i wouldn't have had any clue about how to make these if it hadn't been for Allan and our two lab-mentors, Peter Olsen and Ankie Kampmeyer, so thanks for helping us figure this out guys!

Yesterday i sorted through the black and white pile again, and framed my six favorites, and today i'm gonna hang them on the shop photo wall.
There are only two of my pictures out there at the moment, one from the pink Holga and one Lomo Fisheye, so six is huge!
We still haven't had time to drop by the photo geeks and buy new paper, so haven't been able to develop anymore since i ran out on Monday, so i'm pretty excited to develop some more and see what else is on there.

Still coming up, black and white photos from the conspiracy lab, part two!

*I know i could have easily fixed that in photoshop, but i wanted to post them the way they are, with no edits other than resizing them, so crooked they are and crooked they will forever be.


  1. Love the pictures.  And I'm very interested to read your post on Pinterest and copyright!

  2. That last photo is just lovely :) Well, they all are, but y'know!

  3. Great pictures!

  4. Very cool. They have this old vibe. also love the colour. Ah and Japanese trees are so awesome.

  5. I HATE PINTREST. Please rant about it soon. And real cool photos! I should really hang more photos I've taken around our house too, it's so easy to do but seems like such a big deal, hey? 

  6. I've pretty much finished it, so i'll post it tomorrow!

  7. I know... japanese babies, man, they're too cute!

  8. Thanks so much!

  9.  Thanks, really glad you like them!

  10.  Oh yeah, i guess i should hang some at home too, and not just the shop! It's so wonderful to get it done, to start something and then actually finish it.
    I'll rant about pinterest tomorrow. The post is done, i just needed to ask another bloggers permission to quote her article, so it's ready to go!

  11.  I can't wait! I want to write something about it too but I already wrote a super negative post this week, feel like I should space them out a bit.

  12. beautiful! i especially like the first one, and the one of the pot and dishes. i love working in a photo lab, even though I can get impatient making test stripes and making sure my enlarger is focused just right.

  13.  Thanks! It does take some patience, and i admit i sometimes just make a wild guess instead of doing the test strip :)