Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tokyo via AE-1

It's my last day in Japan, so it's gonna be a short post. Short as in few words, that is, cause pictures i have, and lots of them!
We're having a pretty amazing day actually. The weather is great, we've had time to shop for the last few things, and pack, and eat good food, and drink fancy warm beverages, and generally just enjoy Tokyo and each other. And there's no stress. We're checked into our flight and we have nowhere we need to be. Perfect.

Earlier this afternoon i had my second film developed (yay for same day service, something that does not exist in Copenhagen anymore) and it turned out pretty great!
The first film was in black and white, and i only have the negatives from that one (picked those up today too, elsewhere in Tokyo) so it'll be a while longer before i can make prints of those in our lab, and then hopefully, if any of them are any good, scan them and post them on the blog. 
Phew. All that for a few pictures!
But the second one is here for your viewing pleasure!
I used a natura 1600 film, not because i have a clue if that's any good or not, but because i know Ai uses that film sometimes, and her pictures are always gorgeous. Mine aren't gorgeous yet, but you can tell it's a great camera and once we get to know each other a little better, i think there's gorgeousness potential.


Harajuku, Cat Street

Still Cat Street


Dinner in Kōenji 
 Tomo and Shige looking handsome as ever, after my session 

Shinjuku on a Sunday


 Still Shinjuku... what a perfect day

 Lunch with friends

 And coffee with the same friends, Matt and Sam, later that day 

 Ginger ale 


 I totally knew that guy ruined my shot, but this is Tokyo, you can't ask it to stand still while you focus

 Golden Gai

 Golden Gai neko

 Still Golden Gai, such a great little area

 And in that same alley, another neko friend

 Fugu in Kabukichō


The Sobu line leaving Kōenji station


 And more tofu

Those were my favorites, but except for three grainy taken-inside-a-dark-restaurant shots, i could have posted all of them and not been completely embarrassed.
Total win!

Blog you later from Denmark, y'all!


  1. Beautiful shots! I have that same camera and I love it! They really turned out great!

  2. Love these pictures. I am so desperate to go to Japan. One day...


  3. Great shots. I like them a lot. :-)

  4. Nice! I'm glad you like it, that's one of my all-time favorite cameras to use. 

  5. Beautiful Shots! I am definitely bringing our "actual" camera next time. My iphone just isn't cutting it. Plus I miss being able to take wide angle pics. Miss you guys already! But we will see you hopefully in November. xxxx

  6. WOW! Fantastic photos!

  7. Vildt gode billeder! 
    Man iøvrigt godt få fremkaldt samme dag hos Bys Foto... 

  8. Great photos! Such beautiful, clear quality - what a fab camera!

    You're a lucky lady! :)

  9.  That's so funny, i guess it's a pretty popular camera!

  10.  I hope you will.

  11.  Thanks! That means a lot coming from you.

  12.  It's awesome, i love it!

  13.  Thanks! No, iphone is definitely not enough. We miss you guys too, i wish you were gonna be there in april!

  14.  Tak, og tak for tip, jeg var dernede i dag, havde ingen anelse om at han lavede samme dag!

  15.  Thanks, feeling pretty lucky too!