Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This and that

So much i wanna say, so much i wanna do, not enough time for either.
I'm feeling a little trapped and confused at the moment, nothing new there, but happy too, and oddly enough not stressed or anxious.
Odd because we're going to Japan in a week and this is one of the things i'd normally be freaking out over.
Travel is a huge anxiety trigger for me, but Tokyo has always been different because i feel so at home there.
But now, it's been over a year since i was there last, and i'm so scared that it's gone and changed on me! I mean, i know it has, but i guess i worry that it won't feel like home anymore?
I hope it will, and i hope i'll feel the same love for it as i always have.

I'm still in the process of teaching myself to feel less anticipatory anxiety, and i gotta say, it's gotten better already. Instead of worrying about things i have no way of changing or predicting, i try to look forward to things instead. Like seeing our friends again and hearing how they've been, meeting girlfriend Izumi's new baby, and shopping. Oh, god, shopping.
So in a way it's basically the same thoughts, i'm just trying to see them in a positive light, instead of a negative one.

One thing that does worry me a little it food and drinks. Japan has always been easy for me, cause i'm not a picky eater and i love all Japanese food, but now...
Just being a vegetarian there is hard, cause they love to put meat and fish in just about everything, and now, with the whole "eating healthy, no white bread, dairy, sugar and caffeine" i've been into lately, i'm wondering what i will be able to eat and drink? There's almost nothing i hate more than being the difficult one, and i'm being that person already cause i don't eat meat, so maybe i'll just have to take a break from my diet and hope my body doesn't punish me too hard.
At least i'll have my laptop and workout dvd's and there'll be a whole room in our apartment just for that!

Going to work today, it was windy and freezing

On to a completely different subject!
Recently i've been thinking of adding a tattoo related tab to the blog. 
Like, pictures of my tattoos, links to artists and stuff like that.
Would anyone be interested in that?

There's a tendency amongst heavily tattooed people to be very casual about their tattoos and act like they're no big deal. Hell, they barely even recognize the fact that they have any, and you shouldn't either! They'll get super annoyed when people ask them questions about their tattoos even though it's pretty natural, in my opinion, for people to be curious. 
I mean, yes, some questions are stupid, and some are even mean and rude, but most are friendly and comes of a place of genuine interest. 
Of course i prefer talking about tattoos with people who have some knowledge of the subject, but i'm still always happy to talk about tattoos, cause they do happen to be my hobby and my job and they're awesome!
My point, if there ever was one, is that i'm aware that a lot of people come to my blog in part because of tattoos (stats don't lie!), either my own, or the work being done at my shop, or that one ancient post with Matryoshkas that still get a shit ton of traffic.
And i'm totally fine with that, and i actually think it might be fun for me too to have pictures of all my tattoos in one place since i've never had that, and i honestly don't even know how many i have anymore (i'm sorry if that last part sounded pretentious, but seriously, no one counts after 10, am i right?)

So yeah, i think i'm gonna start rummaging through folders on my laptop and see what i can come up with!


  1. I am one of those that was drawn to your blog by the matryoshka post... and kind of never really stopped lurking because I enjoy what you write so much haha! I think a tattoo tab is an awesome idea, I must admit I am very intrigued by your tattoos from the glimpses, you seem to have an amazing collection! :)

  2. That's really nice to hear, thanks for sticking around!
    And thanks for your input on this!

  3. I also think the tattoo tab would be a great idea!
    Hope you have the best time in Tokyo!

  4. I'd love to learn more about your tattoos and the artists who have had work done by. I'm always looking for new artists to obsess over :)

    Have a great time in Tokyo, I hope it's still the place you love so much.

  5. I would be very interested in the tattoo tab. :) Obvi.

    I'd love to see all your tattoos actually, seeing as you know some of the best tattooers around! Um..I don't know how many I have either. I think it's between 30 and 45 depending on what you count as one. Maybe? I should do that too, make a little montage of them all in one place. Doing that tattoo tuesday post I was like ... so what should I show? It's still missing half of them!

    Every time I travel outside of ... Victoria basically, even in other parts of Canada, I worry about eating vegetarian and eating healthy. I guess it's not even worth worrying about because it's inevitable. Maybe bring some snacks in your bag just in case?

  6. I came to your blog through Allan's as I was scouring the net for tattoo artists I like that come to Japan (I found Allan's site on the Inkrat webpage).  I like the fact that even though tattoos and tattoo artists are a large part of your life your blog isn't totally full of posts about it.  I think the fact that you write very openly and honestly makes your blog so nice to read (plus the hats and Lucifer!).  I agree with Grace, I am very intrigued by your  tattoos (the fox on your thigh looks aaaaaamazing) and would love to see more pictures of them.

    I understand your worry about Tokyo but rest assured, it's still doing what it always does. In fact, the only real difference will be a couple more skyscrapers and different famous people on the billboards and the now complete  Tokyo Skytree!  If you're really stressed about the food then I can recommend a lovely little restaurant in Nakano that does some excellent Japanese/Western fusion stuff that's got a few nice vegetarian options.  

    Enjoy your trip!

  7. Japan as a vegetarian isnt so bad, it will be hard to eat super healthy but not to eat. I've done it :)
    Now that I have that horrible wheat allergy, I'm not sure I can travel to Asia. Wheat is in soy sauce. Maybe I would just feel sick alot? I don't know but you will do fine and have a wonderful time!
    I love hearing about your progress in getting past anxiety. You'll have to send our love to inkrat and Izumi!

  8. I'm another longtime reader (lurker?) who'd be really interested in the tattoo tab. I also got here through the shop's site and stayed because of your open and animated writing style. I'd love to hear more about your favourite tattooists especially, as I'm obsessed with getting more Eckel tattoos and need to widen my taste. (I have just one of his - freaked the fuck out about it for a week, now I adore it and I need more of his stuff!)

    I actually found you guys through Inkrat - as my husband and I used to live in Kichijoji (so, you know, pretty close to Koenji on the Chuo line), and Matt got tattooed there by Hata in 2005, as well as at the London convention a few years ago, which is where he started checking out Allan's work.

    Anyway, after my convoluted introduction (hi!) - Metropolis magazine is really great for useful for this stuff:
    which should have a bunch of stuff near to you. Also, I recommend TalkBack bistro on Minamimachi in Kichijoji if you need a French food fix. Have the greatest time!

  9. Yeah, you should do that! I literally have no idea, but i guess i'll have the number once i'm done with the tab thingie!

  10. Thanks so much for reading, and for sharing how you found my blog, that's always fun to hear.
    I'd love to get the name of that restaurant, i go to Nakano pretty often, so a veggie option there would be great!

  11. I've done it too a few times, but it's definitely more of a challenge than here. And always being the one people look at when we have to decide where to eat is so awkward, especially when you know that everyone else is dying for some Korean barbeque!
    I'll try to think of your allergy while i'm there, do a little recon:)
    And i'll be sure to tell everyone hi from you!

  12. Oh cool, Kichijoji is one of those places i always revisit, mostly because of the park, it's so great for relaxing.
    Thanks for the link, those places look great, i'll definitely have to try as many as possible!

    Thanks so much for commenting, i'm always so happy when lurkers come out of the closet and join the conversation:)

  13. Thats awesome idea. I love your tatt0os and would love to see more pics :)

  14. I personally love tattoo tabs/pages :) 

    Travel is also a huge trigger for me anxiety-wise.  I worry about everything from not finding the gate in an airport I've been in a million times to having my luggage spontaneously explode.  

    I think you and I deal with anxiety in similar ways...glad to read about someone who thinks like I do. :)

  15. i came here thanks to the matryoshka doll too :-)
    a tattoo tab would be a great addition to the blog!

  16. I know the feeling, it sucks that other people feel like this, but still, it's so nice to not be alone!

  17. Hi!

    Here's the website of that restaurant in Nakano
    It's about 3 mins at most from the South exit of Nakano station.  It has a lovely cozy and relaxed atmosphere and the food is great and won't suck all the cash out of your wallet!

    Have a safe trip!