Sunday, February 12, 2012

Senso-ji and kappa madness

I actually brought my S90 along with me when i went out today.
It's weird. I like having my blog look different from my instagram for once, but on the other hand, i think i like instagram photos better now?
Oh, iphone, what have you done to me?

Today i went to Asakusa while Allan worked.
I wanted to buy something special for Gilbert, and that was the only place i could think of to find it. And i did find it, and i had a nice afternoon of walking around Asakusa and Kappabashi too.
I've missed Tokyo walking! There's nothing quite like it.
Asakusa is such a date place on Sundays, though, and having Allan there would have been nice.

 Where the sparrows hang out

 And the one-legged pigeons too

 Bathe in it, but don't inhale too much



I didn't eat anything this time, but i've had some good Takoyaki here in the past

 Perfect day

 I hosnestly don't know what these are, but they're pretty

 Snappy dressers

Giant Tanuki 

 On Kappabashi, lots of the stores were closed, but the kappa's hadn't taken the day off!

Allan got tattooed yesterday.
A long session.
I did some Yokohama walking and hung out at the shop.
I think i was probably even more nervous than Allan, and i had anxiety pretty much all day, just from being at Yellow Blaze. It feels so silly, cause i'm so used to being there, and there's nothing for me to be nervous about (yet!), but yesterday i just couldn't help it.
I tell myself it's ok. Maybe i will never be free of it, but i can sure as hell live with it just fine.
And i do, and i have for years, so there.
My session is in less than a week, and i am equal parts scared and excited.
Pictures from yesterday later... all iphone, by the way!


  1. Awesome place! Have you taken book about anxiety with you? Sometimes readying for 15 - 30 min helps! 

  2. I want a neon pink suit!! :D

  3. These are cabbages ^^ florists often sell some in France

  4. Hooray for Tokyo walking, best city in the world for it (in my opinion!)!!!!

  5. I did, but it's a new book and it turns out it's shit! Very unexpected. I was reading it the other day, but obviously it didn't help much. However, Star Trek did:)

  6. Right? And friends who'll wear the other colors too, i bet!

  7. See, that's exactly what they looked like, i don't know why i was expecting them to be something more exotic!

  8. Mine too, nowhere else even comes close!

  9. I'm thinking of starting a band.... who wouldn't book us for their wedding if we looked like those guys in the photo! Haha

  10.  Tokyo excitement !

  11. Please tell me you bought that leather star vest!

  12. The purple and green leaf plant is Purple Flowering Kale!  Yum!  I have always thought it is so beautiful!  Even more beautiful still in the ground, I've never seen it that way, I buy it as a bunch of leaves.  Really enjoying your photos Amalie =)

  13. I'm pretty sure the white one is Kale too ;)