Sunday, February 19, 2012

I love Japan and that's why i'm not blogging... or something like that...

Aaaahh, i'm so behind on blogging and it's stressing me the hell out, so i better post something quick before we have to meet up with Rei and Hata for dinner.
Our time here is so brief, less than two weeks packed with work, travel and tattoos, so we are not spending a lot of that time at home.
Even getting sick with a pretty nasty cold hasn't been able to keep me from walking around Tokyo, visiting Izumi in Fukuyama or getting tattooed for what seemed like a million hours yesterday.
Yes, that was yesterday and i haven't even blogged about Allan's session yet!
Bad, blogger, bad.

But we do have wifi at home and at the shop, so there's still lots of instagramming going on, as you can see below.
My plan to bring the S90 with me everywhere failed miserably. But not because i didn't feel like taking non-iphone pictures, no, it was because Allan got me a beautiful analog camera that i have been taking with me everywhere instead! So if i'm lucky, some of these pictures have turned out nice and i'll be able to post a few of them here when i get home. And the first roll was black and white, so i'll be able to make prints of that in our own dark room. Pretty stoked about that actually!

But, like i said, i don't have long before i have to go again, so the quickest update possible: stress and anxiety levels are within totally acceptable parameters, weirdness about being back has been replaced with total happiness about feeling at home, thigh looking about ten times cooler than yesterday morning, and hey, i finally met a baby that i thought was just as cute as a puppy and it liked me back!
Good stuff that i'll get into in my next post (which i hope will be posted here, in Japan, tomorrow).

From the instamagrams...
(1. I haven't done much shopping yet, but i did buy these sweet new socks 2. My new baby! 3. Sign in Asakusa 4. I could live off ekiben, easily! 5. The best t-shirt in the world arrived the day we left for Japan... I love it Sarah! 6. Back at Yellow Blaze, for Allan's session 7. Also at the studio 8. Allan's back is almost finished 9. Our foxy foxes! 10. Chinatown moment in Yokohama 11. The largest bag of cabbage snacks at ドン・キホーテ 12. Our Shinkansen tickets to go see Izumi... with the Nozomi! I'll explain why that's a big deal in another post)


  1. I love your Star Trek shirt! I'm glad you're having such a nice trip. Don't worry about blogging, just enjoy yourself. If anybody needs some time to chill out and decompress, it's you :) 

  2. I use a Canon A E-1 too, it's my favorite film camera that I own. My grandma gave it to me so it's extra special too. Don't you love the satisfying CLUNK when you take a picture?

    Don't even stress about blogging, sometimes it's just not that important, and that's okay!

  3. I have the same camera. And I adore you're shirt!!

  4. Glad to read that you feel better.  I don't know how long are you staying in Japan, but I was thinking that I could scan or photograph some parts of the book about how to deal with anxiety if u want. Just a thought! Im sure u have your very own good tricks and you know how to deal with it. Im back to reading at the moment as I cant fully enjoy life cause of the stress.  Anyway my new mantra is Im calm and relax! Enjoy the trip. We can wait for your posts :)

  5. Tattooed in Japan! SO awesome. Glad you're having a great time.

  6.  Aw, thanks! I think i need people to give me permission to relax, as strange as that sounds...

  7.  If i end up loving the pictures only half as much as i love the CLUNK sound, it'll be the best present ever!

  8.  That's super sweet of you, but not necessary. I'm only here for a few more days, and i'm in a really good place emotionally, lots of positivity and all that!
    I have a mantra to, it's "be here now". It reminds me to be in the moment instead of worrying about the future. I like calm and relax too!

  9.  Thanks! Yes, i get tattooed in Japan a lot, almost more than in my own shop in Denmark i think!

  10. Awesome t shirt! I love Japan, I hope you're having a fantastic time!