Monday, February 27, 2012

First day in Fukuyama, or "please enjoy my crappy photos"

Normally i have no problem posting iPhone pictures on the blog, but posting unfiltered, un-app'ed pictures is a whole other thing.
The thing is, last week when we went to visit our friend Izumi in her new home in Fukuyama, i didn't bring my digital camera.
I was shooting my first film with the Canon, and i figured that and the phone would be more than enough. I didn't consider the fact that it was a black and white film, and that iPhone pictures that hasn't been through instagram are AWFUL!
They are, i just forgot!
But i have so many of them and we had such a wonderful trip, so i have to share, even though posting them hurts my pride just a little bit.

We went to Fukuyama by Shinkansen.
With the Nozomi train no less!
Those who have traveled in Japan knows that railpass holders, which is most tourists, can't use the Nozomi, and the Nozomi is faster and leaves way more often than other Shinkansen.
We didn't have a railpass this time, so we finally got to move to the front of the bus, so to speak. Cause, yeah, as i out of curiosity tried to find out why foreigners aren't welcome on the Nozomi, most theories pointed to... racism. Typical of Japan, sadly.
Anyway, the ride was exactly the same as the Hikari; fast and pleasant, and we didn't have to change trains anywhere. Easy!

Greeting us at the station; Izumi and Akari who was still inside a belly the last time we were in Japan

 In case you're wondering, Fukuyama was pretty cold!

After dropping off our stuff, we went for a walk around the neighborhood

 Fancy bridge parking

 The worlds easiest baby took a nap

One of the shrines in the area

Mangafied everything

 Allan is getting a Boss coffee because, well, Allan is always getting a Boss coffee

 Fukuyama castle

 Later at home, we spent some quality time with the baby while Izumi made dinner

 Cooking Nabe... mmmm...

 Thumb, almost as interesting as hair

 It almost looks like he likes her, right?

 But seriously, how could you not?

 Guest bedroom... i don't think we've slept on futons this nice since years ago at a Ryokan in Kyoto!

 Waking up there was pretty nice too

Ok, so since there were so many pictures, i decided to break this into two posts, one for each day we were there.
And in case you're wondering about the black and white film, i'm working on it.
I had the film developed in Tokyo, and i started making prints yesterday. In our own darkroom!
Me and Allan must have spent about 6 hours in there yesterday, figuring stuff out, making photos and generally just having an awesome time. It was so awesome that we went around the corner and got burgers, so we could stay even longer.
I actually got a lot of photos done, enough for a blog post even, but i'm saving that until i have a few more.
They may not be as interesting as the analog color ones i've posted recently, but they're already really special to me cause i made them myself, in the lab that we built.
Oh, shop, you're so awesome.

More Fukuyama tomorrow, so stay tuned for more iPhone crappyness!*

*I'm really selling this aren't i?
But seriously, come back.


  1. Psh, these pictures are lovely, app-ed or otherwise. What an adorable bebe and a gorgeous house! 

  2. Susanne Therese JuhlFebruary 27, 2012 at 10:35 PM

    What nonsense! The pictures are great ... and the baby is sooo cut and simply gorgeous!
    Can hardly wait to see the photos you developed yourself! I totally understand your exitement about making them in your own lab! c",)

  3. I'm excited to see your pictures! I took 3 films to get developed today and they were all crap haha. At least if I developed them myself I'd feel like I'd been creative!

    Akari is so cute! I want to squeeze her :)

  4. Lovely pictures, who needs apps!! Love your friends house and glad you and Mr A had a good time.  Can't wait to see the rest of the photographs

    K x

  5. oh man that baby is so cute. those cheeks! 
    can't wait to see the ones you developed! i'm taking a dark room class right now, and i'm trying to get up my courage to post what i've made, since i can't make them as perfect as i feel i should be able to. 

  6. His and hers futons? That sunshine is nice, I love waking up to super bright mornings like that. 

  7. Oh yeah and I am posting some TERRIBLE film photos I took in Vancouver last week on the 29th so get ready to feel really good about these. 

  8.  Thank you. She really is adorable!

  9.  Aw, tak søde svigermor.

  10.  Three films! There must be something blog worthy? I say post!

  11.  Thanks, we did have a great time!

  12.  Screw perfect, just post what you have and be happy with the fact that you're learning something. I bet they're great!

  13.  It's the best, especially when it's cold and you're covered in like a billion thick blankets. So cozy!

  14.  I'm posting more awful photos today, so thanks for joining me, it does make me feel better!

  15. I love these Izumi and akari posts! I miss her and you guys too!

  16. really nice pictures!good cameraman! 
    cause the princess akari as a model is great! haha! 
    cause the princess akari is the baby of special izumi! hahahahahahha!
    anyway, thanks for visiting faraway ! i am looking forward to see you guys and visiting the  sensuijima  next time!