Friday, February 24, 2012

Copenhagen blues

Being back home. "Home". Oh dear.

For us, coming back from Japan always goes a little something like this: "bitch, bitch, bitch, complain, complain, complain... but it's great to see Lucifer!"
And this time wasn't any different.
We got home in the afternoon on Wednesday, and immediately, after dropping off our suitcases at home, went to pick up the dog*. On Allan's bike. In rain and heavy winds. Cause our flippin car died the night before we left. Yeah.
Later that night i unpacked, did laundry, had Japanese snacks for dinner, and fell asleep watching Californication. I guess we went to bed around 10 pm or something ridiculous early like that, so yesterday i woke up at 6. The same today. I guess it's better than sleeping too late, right?
Anyway, our first real day back was actually kind of wonderful, and since i still had half a film left in the camera, i decided to use it all in one day and get it developed as soon as possible.

We're at work now, and all i can think of is having another day like this.
That, and going back to Japan.

 Super early on our street

 Going to the bakery

 Bookstore on Istedgade

On our way to get coffee and chai

Garbage signs

It's like he knows i'm embarrassing him...

Sort Kaffe og Vinyl

My little baby seal

Danish breakfast

 He seemed happy to be back in his fatboy

We decided to have a paint day in the living room... i didn't start this one yet, though

 Making awesome stuff, as always

This look kinda says "Really? Another one?"

At the dog park where Lucifer was being an ass, so we didn't stay long

 Istedgade sun, and my shadow

 At the kiosk, getting sodas and looking at comics (i used to love these when i was a kid)

 And finally, pizza and couching with Walking Dead before another early night

I used a different film for these ones, but i can't remember the name, and i'm still at work so i can' check.
I think i like the natura one better anyway.
And also, some of these are super blurry compared to the last one, but i don't think i can blame that on the film, can i?
But i still like these pictures soooo much better than anything i take with my digital camera or phone, and just this afternoon, when i was walking Lucifer by the lakes, i thought about taking a nice picture of the semi frozen water and a swan, and decided "Nah, it's not gonna look as nice as if i'd had the Canon".
It must be love.

I'll post the last of the Japan photos soon... and some phone ones too.

*Lucifer was pretty happy to see us, and he's been eating like crazy cause his girlfriend has been stealing his food. He needed to drop a few grams, so it's all good!


  1. oh my! that Alpaca...he's beautiful!

  2. Lucifer is just adorable...

  3. Hehehe, the Lucifer pics cracked me up. I especially like the one of him pooping (is he pooping)? Also the "are you taking another photo of me"? hehe. We go home today and I am normally excited about going home but I am in the dumps about it, big time! I think because I know I won't be back till June (what a brat I sound like) but it's too long to be away from Japan! You know what I mean! Well happy settling back into Copenhagen, least the weather will start to get nice soon xxx

  4. I'm sure Lucifer is a bit annoyed with the shutter sound.  Cats freak out whenever I shoot them with my old cameras.

    Isn't it extra sad to be in Copenhagen after having experienced so much sunlight in Japan?  One of the things I love about here is that we get a lot of sun pretty much throughout the year.

  5. Poor Lucifer in that pooping photo!!! hahaha his face. 

  6. Yay, you didn't think it was a camel! That makes me very happy!

  7. It's true, he is.

  8. Oh yes, he's pooping!
    And yeah, i totally know what you mean. It's extra rough coming back this time for us too, i don't know how i ever managed to not go for a whole year!
    I hope you'll have an easy transition, even with everything that's going on.

  9.  We had a good, sunny first day back, but you're right, it's not the same at all. In Japan you never go days without seeing the sun.

  10.  I know, i'm a terrible person!

  11. lucifer is so so cute. i love that first picture of him in his bed. 

  12. Such a beautiful city you live in.  I've never been there but your photos make me want to go! Also our beastie looks like a seal too :)