Monday, February 6, 2012


Today was our last day of work before Japan, and for me it was a brief one.
I had a therapist appointment on Vesterbro in the afternoon, so i did some serious  turbo cleaning, sterilizing, stocking at the shop, so everything is taken care of before we leave. I got most of it done, and the stuff i didn't...? Well, i just have to keep reminding myself that we won't be gone for a month. It's just a few weeks and the shop and dog will do fine without us.

Oh yes, the dog...
Yesterday was such a lovely day and i talked Allan in to taking us to the dog park, so Lucifer could play in the snow. And he did, but of course he also got in a fight.
It's not the first time, and it was pretty much his own fault, but of course he went and got injured this time. Right before we have to leave him.
It didn't seem so bad at first; he was just a little shaken and his right eye looked bloodshot.
We tried to get him to play and enjoy himself again, but it was clear that he wanted to go home so we took him, and in the car i noticed blood on my jacket. When we got home we took a closer look, and my baby was bleeding. Crying blood. So scary and so sad.
Allan called the animal hospital, who happened to have an eye specialist there (on a sunday? lucky!), so we got back in the car and took him in.
After some waiting (even when it's basically empty in those places, there's waiting) he was examined, and lucky for him and us, everything looked ok. I mean, he was injured, but there will be no permanent damage to his eye.
But it's still no fun to leave your sick baby behind to go on vacation, and it's no fun passing along the extra responsibility of having to give him medicine and eye drops to your already too kind dog sitters.
At least we have one more day with him, and i plan to use at least part of that doing some forced cuddling!

Oh, and Nick left us!
He flew out today and we're not gonna see him for months and it's very sad!
But we had so much fun with him here, and i guess we should consider ourselves lucky that he even wants to visit during frozen-season, right?
I still miss him already, though.

(1. Lovely Saturday lake view 2. Bird food 3. Finishing a present 4. Our new amazing flea market find! 5. Lucifer after his fight, before we noticed his injuries 6. It was a lovely day, even with the drama 7. Last night in Cph for Nick, Conspiracy Crew movie night 8. Truth)

I've done a pile of "maybe-going-to-Japan" laundry, so tomorrow is the day when i actually decide what i'm gonna bring.
Never having been to Tokyo in the winter makes this tricky, and the fact that we'll be going south too is even trickier, but whatever; i plan to shop till i (possibly literally) drop, so i'll be fine no matter what.


  1. Susanne Therese JuhlFebruary 6, 2012 at 11:54 PM

    Poor little Lucifer! I feel for him, but I'm sure he will be well taken care of and possibly spoiled rotten by your parents! ;o) ... I wish you a wonderful trip to Japan! Take care, enjoy yourselves alot, and get back safely to us! ;o)

    P.S. I can hardly wait to see the new additions to yours and Allan's tattoos after your sessions with Shige! ;o)

  2. Luuuucyyyy...he'll be okay! I wish I could babysit him. Maybe when you guys come here you can bring him and him and Tank can be best friends and I will tell you what clothes to pack. :) (Was that a subtle hint or WHAT?) Or maybe I should start saving for a Eurotrip?