Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blogger can suck eggs

I just spent the last half hour (or more... probably more) editing awful iphone pictures*, and i was gonna blog a bunch of them too, but blogger is being so fucking horrible, and now i'm tired and frustrated.
Even with all the issues it has, i've been somewhat happy with the new look and design and all that, but this picture upload form that never ever works is driving me fucking crazy!
Why give me the option of uploading multiple pictures if i can't add them to the post once i've uploaded them? I select all, it thinks, thinks some more, does nothing. I select three, it does the same. I select one, it sometimes adds it to the post, but just as often it makes all the pictures invisible, freezes and forces me to start over. Even when i upload one. At. A. Time. It doesn't guarantee success.

So, that's why i won't be blogging right now.
Besides this.

One of the shitty iphone photos that i was gonna post, of what i'm sure is a really filthy and unpleasant cat**

*I wasn't exactly gonna call them that in the posts, but i'm too angry to sugarcoat things right now... they're awful.

**It's probably not, but yeah... you get what's going on here.


  1. Yeah I've had this issue with Blogger before.  It's frustrating!

  2. I once shot a road kill kitten on the street in West Shinjuku, completely gored by a bus. My camera got fucked after that and my Japanese buddy told me that the spirit of the mangled cat was to blame and my camera had to be exorcised. Maaaaaybe…the cat you have here is the same one but has grown up (ghost spirit, yes) and just hate all Scandinavians taking pictures of him/her…fucked up your blogger input real good this one...

  3. I have been having the same problems too! I have resorted to just loading one photo at a time (seems to work better)? Stupid computer programs! I was going to blog today but maybe I won't hehe

  4. When you said "COME ON" I heard GOB's voice from Arrested Development.

    And Blogger does totally suck, I'm with you on that.

  5.  I don't think i've ever NOT had that issue. Why do we stay?

  6.  Being cursed WOULD explain a whole lot....

  7.  It's so lame! Why do this major upgrade if it never works?

  8.  That makes me happy, at least some good came of this :)

  9.  Seriously, we should move.