Friday, February 10, 2012


Konnichiwa from Tokyo!
We're back and it's fucking weird. Good, but weird.
We arrived yesterday, both with some pretty massive jetlag. Got our apartment stuff sorted out and ate some lunch with Hata. We wandered around Koenji for a while, met up with Rei and his girlfriend, but mostly we just struggled to stay awake. We skipped dinner all together and just had sandwiches and vegetable sticks in bed. I think i gave up around 9.30 and by then Allan had already been asleep for a while.

Today, after we had a lovely morning,  Allan went to work, so i've been to Shinjuku, just walking around with my headphones on, doing a bit of shopping (craft stuff and socks) and snapping some photos.
It's been strange (i keep saying that) cause in some way it doesn't feel like it's been over a year. Nothing has changed, at least no more than it usually does in about 6 months. I think i expected to be more overwhelmed and instead i'm all "so, i'm here now... what's up?"
Also, anxiety and jetlag is not a great combination in general, but i've got it under control.

I think i'm gonna have to head over to the shop now, just to stay awake. Blogging in bed makes napping seem really tempting, and that's just not how you beat the 'lag!

Allan as we got off at Koenji station... too stoked for words!

Shopping at Okadaya (i got some feathers and some glass eyes)

Sunny and not too cold... aaahhhh...

A small instagram selection
 (1. Home 2. Toilet 3. Tatami room 4. Cute kids)


  1. I have recurrent dreams that I am in Japan, I think it is next on my list... I have to go!

  2. Wow, this is amazing! I've never been to Japan but it just seems awesome. How long are you guys there for? Also, anxiety + jet lag + dehydration = the worst.