Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It may not exactly be spring yet, but it sure feels like it sometimes.
Like yesterday (apparently the warmest February day in 22 years) and today, when it was so nice out, it made me wanna put away my winter coat and boots for at least a good 6 months or so.
I'm not gonna do that just yet, but it's nice with these little breaks from the cold.

And speaking of breaks, i'm taking a day off from Japan posting. Not cause i don't like doing the Japan posts, i like them best actually, it's just that i don't want the blog to be too much of the same.
And i'm here now, in Copenhagen, back home, so i feel like i should be posting about that too.
Only, everyday life isn't that exciting, now is it?

The last few days we've been working crazy late, long hours, and since we spent Sunday here too, i feel like it should be weekend already. And that it ain't.
But it's still good being at work. With the lab being done, i now have two crafty places to hang when i'm done with the tattoo shop work (or in between, usually, which is the awesome thing about owning a shop) and i'm really enjoying that.

Another thing i'm enjoying these days is experimenting with my sorry-looking hair (having a middle part after years and years of various bangs is SO weird) and my wardrobe. My urge to dress up more is partially caused by the warmer weather, but it also has to do with just getting back from Japan. In Japan people just dress better, more fun. Not all people, obviously, but generally they just go a little more nuts. Like me. And Copenhagen can be sooo... grey? Just today i was walking by the lakes and i passed these two late-twenties moms with giant baby-tanks. They were dressed exactly the same; basic black and grey, same practical black boots, same hairdo. I must have looked like a Christmas tree next to them. Hell, even my dog was looking more interesting! I actually caught myself whispering :"i'll never be like you" after they'd walked by, and i wasn't just referring to the baby-tank.
Getting caught up in playing it boring and safe is too easy when you live here, and i need Tokyo, at least once a year, to snap me out of it, and get me back to my roots. Which is dressing for fun (and comfort), not for blending in.
Seriously, no wonder 2011 was such a crappy year.
I'll never go that long without visiting Japan, ever again.

Hey, this turned into a Japan post after all!

I'll be back to fun analog posting shortly.
And i even have a Copenhagen film that needs to be developed tomorrow, so it doesn't look like the fun is gonna stop anytime soon.

Yesterday i wore a sweater vest i got at an antique store down the street right before we left for Japan... and plaid trousers that i got in Tokyo years ago

I was wearing this too, a malakit necklace i inherited from my aunt, but it's so heavy i could only wear it for a few hours before i got a headache...  i'm so weak!

 Today is all about layers, isn't it... i'm wearing a skirt i once made out of a vintage bed sheet!

I've been in my mini studio today, working on something crazy that will hopefully be done tomorrow!

Today Allan is finishing early and we're celebrating by having Thai food.
It's ridiculous how excited i can get about food sometimes!


  1. I'm freakin' dying for a pair of plaid trousers like that. Any color scheme will do, just make them plaid and awesome. I used to wear plaid pants all the time, no idea what ever happened to that. 

  2. I actually really like your hair lately! And about that weird weather - yesterday it has snowed like crazy and it was -3°C and today sunny weather +10°C so I was pretty angry when I was outside and found out that winter jacket wasnt really necessary, haha.

  3. I've said it before but I am loving the longer bang look on you! We are having extremely weird weather here too. It's been raining non-stop (which never happens). I actually had the heater on in my car yesterday and tempted to put it on at home last night (I didn't, that just felt wrong). Technically it was the last day of Summer yesterday? Maybe it is going to be the end of the world this year :P

  4. This might be a weird question but I was wondering why your chest isn't tattoo'd.  If that's too personal please forgive my impudence.

  5. I laughed at the "Christmas tree" interesting that it was so obvious to you how differently people dress in different countries.  When I was in Russia I was amazed at how everyone dressed up all the time. I was in college and heavily into my "wearing PJs all the time" period so I must've looked like a freaking alien.  This point was hit home when I got started on on the metro by a woman in a pink leopard coat.

  6.  These are so great. Kind of baggy and very comfortable. I remember being super nervous about buying them cause i had no idea if i'd ever wear plaid pants, but i sure have worn these a lot!

  7.  Whoa, that's a bit of a temperature shift. Too hard to plan what to wear!

  8. Thanks! I'm still  weirded out by how i look, but give it a few more days and i'm sure i'll feel totally normal! Weird about the weather there... and everywhere! We probably are fucked.

  9. No, that's totally fine. The reason is that i never really plan tattoos. I get a good idea for a certain spot, i get it done. When i started getting tattooed, i didn't even plan on being as covered as i am today, that just kind of happens. So it's not cause i don't wanna have my chest tattooed, i just haven't had any really good ideas for that spot yet.

  10.  Haha, that must have been pretty funny!
    It's not that people don't dress up here, or try to look good. They do, and many people seem to think that Danes look fantastic, but it's just that 99% of them all dress the same! There are of course always a few trying to look different and doing a good job, but they are so far between compared to Tokyo, and it gets so boring.