Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It may not exactly be spring yet, but it sure feels like it sometimes.
Like yesterday (apparently the warmest February day in 22 years) and today, when it was so nice out, it made me wanna put away my winter coat and boots for at least a good 6 months or so.
I'm not gonna do that just yet, but it's nice with these little breaks from the cold.

And speaking of breaks, i'm taking a day off from Japan posting. Not cause i don't like doing the Japan posts, i like them best actually, it's just that i don't want the blog to be too much of the same.
And i'm here now, in Copenhagen, back home, so i feel like i should be posting about that too.
Only, everyday life isn't that exciting, now is it?

The last few days we've been working crazy late, long hours, and since we spent Sunday here too, i feel like it should be weekend already. And that it ain't.
But it's still good being at work. With the lab being done, i now have two crafty places to hang when i'm done with the tattoo shop work (or in between, usually, which is the awesome thing about owning a shop) and i'm really enjoying that.

Another thing i'm enjoying these days is experimenting with my sorry-looking hair (having a middle part after years and years of various bangs is SO weird) and my wardrobe. My urge to dress up more is partially caused by the warmer weather, but it also has to do with just getting back from Japan. In Japan people just dress better, more fun. Not all people, obviously, but generally they just go a little more nuts. Like me. And Copenhagen can be sooo... grey? Just today i was walking by the lakes and i passed these two late-twenties moms with giant baby-tanks. They were dressed exactly the same; basic black and grey, same practical black boots, same hairdo. I must have looked like a Christmas tree next to them. Hell, even my dog was looking more interesting! I actually caught myself whispering :"i'll never be like you" after they'd walked by, and i wasn't just referring to the baby-tank.
Getting caught up in playing it boring and safe is too easy when you live here, and i need Tokyo, at least once a year, to snap me out of it, and get me back to my roots. Which is dressing for fun (and comfort), not for blending in.
Seriously, no wonder 2011 was such a crappy year.
I'll never go that long without visiting Japan, ever again.

Hey, this turned into a Japan post after all!

I'll be back to fun analog posting shortly.
And i even have a Copenhagen film that needs to be developed tomorrow, so it doesn't look like the fun is gonna stop anytime soon.

Yesterday i wore a sweater vest i got at an antique store down the street right before we left for Japan... and plaid trousers that i got in Tokyo years ago

I was wearing this too, a malakit necklace i inherited from my aunt, but it's so heavy i could only wear it for a few hours before i got a headache...  i'm so weak!

 Today is all about layers, isn't it... i'm wearing a skirt i once made out of a vintage bed sheet!

I've been in my mini studio today, working on something crazy that will hopefully be done tomorrow!

Today Allan is finishing early and we're celebrating by having Thai food.
It's ridiculous how excited i can get about food sometimes!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

B&W sneak peek



I just finished scanning and resizing the first 15 pictures from my black and white film, and i am so tempted to post them (or most of them) right now!
But i have a post all ready to go from yesterday, so i should probably post that first. But the other one is so exciting for me! They don't look nearly as good on a computer screen, obviously, but there are still some really cool ones. Crooked, but cool!
But first things first.

Our second, and last, day in the country side was even better than the first.
We got up kind of early, or early enough to hang out with Izumi's husband for a little while before he had to go to work*, and have a nice shower and Izumi's signature fancy breakfast (seriously, she makes the best breakfast).
In the afternoon, when everyone was ready, and the worlds laziest baby finally decided to get up, we headed to a small village about half an hour from Fukuyama that Izumi had been telling us about.
Apparently, Hayao Miyazaki, one of my big heroes and my imaginary grandpa, lived there for a few months while writing the movie Ponyo, and the village heavily inspired the movie.
It was kind of a secret, though, so it wasn't like you saw Ponyo references on every corner, but they were there. Pretty magical.
But the most magical thing about this village? Huge hawks, just floating and circling around in huge numbers, like seagulls! I was stunned, and i wish i'd been able to capture that in film. Maybe next time.

On a bus with wooden floors

On top of a hill there was a museum, and we went in to see a fantastic Hinamatsuri exhibition

 Fishing villages are generally pretty magical and this was no exception

Or at least i think so!

 We had luch at this cute little restaurant that seemed more like a living room... the owners granddaughter was doing her homework and he made her lunch... so sweet

 There was something to look at everywhere

 He made me a special meat free udon with an egg

After lunch we took a ferry to a nearby island

Monday, February 27, 2012

First day in Fukuyama, or "please enjoy my crappy photos"

Normally i have no problem posting iPhone pictures on the blog, but posting unfiltered, un-app'ed pictures is a whole other thing.
The thing is, last week when we went to visit our friend Izumi in her new home in Fukuyama, i didn't bring my digital camera.
I was shooting my first film with the Canon, and i figured that and the phone would be more than enough. I didn't consider the fact that it was a black and white film, and that iPhone pictures that hasn't been through instagram are AWFUL!
They are, i just forgot!
But i have so many of them and we had such a wonderful trip, so i have to share, even though posting them hurts my pride just a little bit.

We went to Fukuyama by Shinkansen.
With the Nozomi train no less!
Those who have traveled in Japan knows that railpass holders, which is most tourists, can't use the Nozomi, and the Nozomi is faster and leaves way more often than other Shinkansen.
We didn't have a railpass this time, so we finally got to move to the front of the bus, so to speak. Cause, yeah, as i out of curiosity tried to find out why foreigners aren't welcome on the Nozomi, most theories pointed to... racism. Typical of Japan, sadly.
Anyway, the ride was exactly the same as the Hikari; fast and pleasant, and we didn't have to change trains anywhere. Easy!

Greeting us at the station; Izumi and Akari who was still inside a belly the last time we were in Japan

 In case you're wondering, Fukuyama was pretty cold!

After dropping off our stuff, we went for a walk around the neighborhood

 Fancy bridge parking

 The worlds easiest baby took a nap

One of the shrines in the area

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blogger can suck eggs

I just spent the last half hour (or more... probably more) editing awful iphone pictures*, and i was gonna blog a bunch of them too, but blogger is being so fucking horrible, and now i'm tired and frustrated.
Even with all the issues it has, i've been somewhat happy with the new look and design and all that, but this picture upload form that never ever works is driving me fucking crazy!
Why give me the option of uploading multiple pictures if i can't add them to the post once i've uploaded them? I select all, it thinks, thinks some more, does nothing. I select three, it does the same. I select one, it sometimes adds it to the post, but just as often it makes all the pictures invisible, freezes and forces me to start over. Even when i upload one. At. A. Time. It doesn't guarantee success.

So, that's why i won't be blogging right now.
Besides this.

One of the shitty iphone photos that i was gonna post, of what i'm sure is a really filthy and unpleasant cat**

*I wasn't exactly gonna call them that in the posts, but i'm too angry to sugarcoat things right now... they're awful.

**It's probably not, but yeah... you get what's going on here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Copenhagen blues

Being back home. "Home". Oh dear.

For us, coming back from Japan always goes a little something like this: "bitch, bitch, bitch, complain, complain, complain... but it's great to see Lucifer!"
And this time wasn't any different.
We got home in the afternoon on Wednesday, and immediately, after dropping off our suitcases at home, went to pick up the dog*. On Allan's bike. In rain and heavy winds. Cause our flippin car died the night before we left. Yeah.
Later that night i unpacked, did laundry, had Japanese snacks for dinner, and fell asleep watching Californication. I guess we went to bed around 10 pm or something ridiculous early like that, so yesterday i woke up at 6. The same today. I guess it's better than sleeping too late, right?
Anyway, our first real day back was actually kind of wonderful, and since i still had half a film left in the camera, i decided to use it all in one day and get it developed as soon as possible.

We're at work now, and all i can think of is having another day like this.
That, and going back to Japan.

 Super early on our street

 Going to the bakery

 Bookstore on Istedgade

On our way to get coffee and chai

Garbage signs

It's like he knows i'm embarrassing him...

Sort Kaffe og Vinyl

My little baby seal

Danish breakfast

 He seemed happy to be back in his fatboy

We decided to have a paint day in the living room... i didn't start this one yet, though

 Making awesome stuff, as always

This look kinda says "Really? Another one?"

At the dog park where Lucifer was being an ass, so we didn't stay long

 Istedgade sun, and my shadow

 At the kiosk, getting sodas and looking at comics (i used to love these when i was a kid)

 And finally, pizza and couching with Walking Dead before another early night

I used a different film for these ones, but i can't remember the name, and i'm still at work so i can' check.
I think i like the natura one better anyway.
And also, some of these are super blurry compared to the last one, but i don't think i can blame that on the film, can i?
But i still like these pictures soooo much better than anything i take with my digital camera or phone, and just this afternoon, when i was walking Lucifer by the lakes, i thought about taking a nice picture of the semi frozen water and a swan, and decided "Nah, it's not gonna look as nice as if i'd had the Canon".
It must be love.

I'll post the last of the Japan photos soon... and some phone ones too.

*Lucifer was pretty happy to see us, and he's been eating like crazy cause his girlfriend has been stealing his food. He needed to drop a few grams, so it's all good!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tokyo via AE-1

It's my last day in Japan, so it's gonna be a short post. Short as in few words, that is, cause pictures i have, and lots of them!
We're having a pretty amazing day actually. The weather is great, we've had time to shop for the last few things, and pack, and eat good food, and drink fancy warm beverages, and generally just enjoy Tokyo and each other. And there's no stress. We're checked into our flight and we have nowhere we need to be. Perfect.

Earlier this afternoon i had my second film developed (yay for same day service, something that does not exist in Copenhagen anymore) and it turned out pretty great!
The first film was in black and white, and i only have the negatives from that one (picked those up today too, elsewhere in Tokyo) so it'll be a while longer before i can make prints of those in our lab, and then hopefully, if any of them are any good, scan them and post them on the blog. 
Phew. All that for a few pictures!
But the second one is here for your viewing pleasure!
I used a natura 1600 film, not because i have a clue if that's any good or not, but because i know Ai uses that film sometimes, and her pictures are always gorgeous. Mine aren't gorgeous yet, but you can tell it's a great camera and once we get to know each other a little better, i think there's gorgeousness potential.


Harajuku, Cat Street

Still Cat Street


Dinner in Kōenji 
 Tomo and Shige looking handsome as ever, after my session 

Shinjuku on a Sunday


 Still Shinjuku... what a perfect day

 Lunch with friends

 And coffee with the same friends, Matt and Sam, later that day 

 Ginger ale 


 I totally knew that guy ruined my shot, but this is Tokyo, you can't ask it to stand still while you focus

 Golden Gai

 Golden Gai neko

 Still Golden Gai, such a great little area

 And in that same alley, another neko friend

 Fugu in Kabukichō


The Sobu line leaving Kōenji station


 And more tofu

Those were my favorites, but except for three grainy taken-inside-a-dark-restaurant shots, i could have posted all of them and not been completely embarrassed.
Total win!

Blog you later from Denmark, y'all!