Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why my leg burns...

I really am way too tired to blog, but since Nick already did a post, i had too as well.

Today was Sascha and Anki's last day here. It was also the first real snow day!
We got up relatively early, for a Sunday, got in the car, picked up Nick and headed for the flea market.
It's been so long since we'd been there last and damn! They'd gotten some good stuff! We bought a bunch of awesome things for home and shop, but i'll do a post with them, and our weekend with the Germans, later.
When our feet had reached near-frostbite status, we went back to the shop where something unlikely and super special happened: i got tattooed by Nick!

I can't say how many years we've been talking about this, or how many ideas i've gone through before this one, but the tattoo i ended up getting has been in the works for over a year.
I was supposed to get it last January, on the day we did our WotW tattoos, but we ran out of time.
And good thing we did, cause what we ended up doing today is just perfect!

Allan developed pictures in our new photo lab while Nick tattooed me, and we had a super nice day. And i'm happy to say that my nerves were within acceptable parameters. I think getting drawn in for two hours prior to getting tattooed helps calm a person down too!
Ok, enough talk, i'm watching Trek and eating chocolate and you probably just wanna see a picture anyway!

 Catching dream catchers?

The dream catcher was totally Nick's idea by the way! Isn't it awesome?
I love how we were both completely on the same page about all of this!


  1. Susanne Therese JuhlJanuary 30, 2012 at 4:10 AM

    This awesome tattoo is so YOU, sweetie! The dream catcher, the yellow pants, the shoes and all - no doubt who the model is! Please say hi to Nick for me and tell him, that I love his designs. ;o)

  2. Yeah! Cool dream catcher! :)

  3. It looks so great! I'm glad you had such a positive experience as well, that makes all the difference

  4. is the dream catcher wearing jeffrey campbell shoes ;) ?

  5. Oh, i'm not the model, we just have very similar taste in pants and shoes :)

  6. Its pretty damn cool...

  7. Thanks! Yes, i agree, and luckily it's hard to have anything but a good experience in your own shop with one of your best friends :)

  8. Yes, she is in fact wearing Jeffrey Campbell shoes! Good job noticing :)

  9. Yes, she is in fact wearing Jeffrey Campbell shoes! Good job noticing :)

  10. Another amazing tattoo on you! I love the lady too!