Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm planning on staying off some bread and other stuff for a while, so I'm glad we got to have a pizza night on Sunday before that. It had been way too long. Maybe I can get my hands on some crazy gluten-free-super-healthy-power-flour or something, so i can keep having pizza? Nah, it's the real deal or nothing at all.

 Good dough

 This got delivered to my door this morning, it's a late Christmas present from my sweet parents, and i am looking forward to trying it out*

*I may even make an exception to my own rules and read the manual for this one!


  1. Well, in such a case come to the restaurant I work in (Firefly near Norreport). We've got a gluten free, raw pizza, which against all odds tastes really good. And I'm not a fan of raw food, so you can trust my opinion, I'm not biased, health freak:)

  2. I've actually been there once before, but maybe it's time i go again!