Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two pages of good intentions

One of my 12 (+1) new years resolutions, i believe it's number one actually, was to continue one of the better habits i picked up in 2011: exercise.
The goal is to work out a minimum of four times a week.
It doesn't matter if it's 10 minutes of pilates or an hour of yoga, as long as i get something done besides the 20-30 minutes i already spend on my bike daily.
Not too unrealistic, but still challenging for a couch potato like me.
So far it's all happening in my living room with the help of my usual workout dvd's, but i am actually considering joining a gym, so i have somewhere to just run if i feel like it.*
I took a short break over new years, but starting January 3rd, i got back into it, and i've been doing good since then, and i'm actually feeling really proud of myself for once.

I decided, after writing down my resolutions, that in January, two of the four days should be Jillian Michaels days, and i've been sticking to that too, even though that woman kills me!
Her and her damn perky evil minions... grrr...
Anyway, the thing is, i'm not just doing the exercise thing because of anxiety and general well-being, although those are still the main reasons.
No, i also want to drop a few pounds (hopefully at least one before next Friday when i'll basically be wearing underwear in public). I wanna feel pretty, dammit, and i wanna be happy with my body before we're off to Japan where i can finally shop, something most of you know i rarely do in Copenhagen.
But i realized that if i wanted to lose weight, i'd have to change more than my workout routine, and so, as i mentioned in the previous post, i'm slowly changing my eating habits too.
And here's the great thing about this exercise crap; besides feeling good and having more energy, it motivates you to change things you maybe couldn't before. All of a sudden i don't really wanna eat so much junk food and that made changing the way i eat a lot easier.

Again, it's nothing too drastic, just cutting out some processed foods, sugar, and carbs like white bread and maybe potatoes (i haven't decided on potatoes and tomatoes yet, Sam!). And dairy too, i guess, which isn't a huge problem since i don't eat that much cheese to begin with. I cut out caffeine a while ago, thank god, cause quitting that and sugar at the same time would have been hell (for everyone)!
I wonder if changing my diet wouldn't have been a lot easier if i wasn't a vegetarian, but really, the only thing i'm really missing so far is chocolate and popcorn, and the occasional sandwich.
I'm sure it'll get worse, and i'm not gonna be super strict about this either.
I'll continue to practice my yearlong "anything-is-allowed-on-weekends" philosophy, but i hope that with the sugar gone on weekdays, i'll see some results anyway.

I already had one little victory today: i could fit my black leggings-jeans from Uniqlo that have always been a bit too tight for me. Total success. If fitting into really small skinny jeans isn't motivating, i don't know what is!

 Uhm, i sometimes forget that i have a good and a bad side now... oh well, jeans!

There was a lot more to the new years resolutions list than this, obviously since there where about 12 of them, but maybe i'll write about some of them some other time.
Now, i'm gonna get the blu-ray (is that even how you spell it? It looks wrong) warmed up, so i can be ready to start season three of DS9 as soon as Allan comes home!

*Cause you know i'll never become one of them, the Joggers of Copenhagen.


  1. I bet you'll be one of them in like two years. hahaha spandex shorts and all.

  2. If you ever see me wearing spandex in public, jogging or not jogging, feel free to punch me in the face!