Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday sneak peek

Yesterday we were on the couch all day.
All day.
Some of us felt worse than others.
Me, i was one of the lucky ones. Just a little dizziness and a general feeling of having had way too much champagne.
Mille was on the couch with us until she felt well enough to get in a taxi, and later Sarah came and took her spot for Trek and junk food night.
Oh, sweet junk food, you were needed.

Today has been more productive. We've been cleaning all day because i read that that's what you're supposed to do before Chinese new years. I'm superstitious and i don't want to piss of no dragon with my dirty apartment!
It's nice now, ready for another night on the couch, hopefully with a few more people and some more good foods.

Oh, the sneak peek part!
Yes, we were fancy on Friday. Fancy i tell ya!
Here, see for yourself.

After fake hair, before fake lashes

 Me and chief yodels-at-boobs

Fluffy tails!

Three bottles of champagne before ever leaving the house is about two too many... if you were wondering

More pictures soon!


  1. The leiderhosen. I can't even...

  2. looks like good fun :P

  3. Three bottles is a good way to start a night out.  :)