Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pinecones and pearls

I gotta say; cutting back on cigarettes and kicking his 40-minute-shower habit has turned Nick in to an exemplary house guest. He was actually supposed to move on to the next friendly couch today, but we're having so much fun, we decided to keep him for a couple more days!
Having the whole Conspiracy gang together again is SO much fun, and today we even had Chriss at the shop too. Lucky us!

Besides doing regular shop work, and hanging out lots, i have mostly been barricaded in the drawing room for the better part of the last few days. I've been so preoccupied with making those antler hats i mentioned in the last post, that i almost can't think of anything else. It's awesome!
And it's going so well i might actually finish them tomorrow, way before my deadline. I did mention that i needed them for the dress up party, right? Well, i do, but the party isn't until the 20th, so we still have plenty of time to work on the rest of our costumes.
Anyway, about the hats,  i can't figure out if i wanna put them on etsy or not? It seems a little pointless since no one buys my crazy stuff, and i don't wanna sell them cheap (those antlers took forever!).
In situations like this, i wish i had my own little shop just for crap like this, where i could at least exhibit them in a cool way. On the other hand, owning one shop is kind of more than enough...

This is what my desk has looked like for days (i'm almost looking forward to cleaning it up tomorrow)

Three almost finished pieces

Oh, and my new years break from exercising is over!
I am back on the workout-dvd wagon and i have the achy thighs and back to prove it.
Feels good, though, and i'm still quietly hoping i'll be able to drop a few belly pounds before the 20th.
Not that i'm vain, noooo, not me, but no one likes to flaunt their potbelly in public. Do they?


  1. you should totally put your hats on Etsy; at the very least people get to see what you can create which may lead to custom orders in the future....the world needs to see your beautiful hats! 

  2. I wanna show them off too, but sometimes i just feel an actual shop would do it better. It's better than having nowhere to show them, though!

  3. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question
    about your blog!



  4. If you do have a question Heather, shouldn't you be emailing me?