Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One of those posts where i use the word "awesome" a little too much

I am pooped, you guys.
I can't even remember why i thought me blogging would be a good idea, since i can barely focus on watching my Trek!
But i'm gonna try and finish this before i nod off anyway.

Back in November when Sarah was here, i'd made a custom hat for her, and as payment, we decided to do a trade, fascinator for tattoo. I love trading, but who doesn't!?

((Oh man, i just zoned out there for a minute, Dax is totally hitting on Worf and let's not even start on the chief and major Kira!))

Anyway! Long story short, as i wrote on Sunday, Sarah was back for a few, short days, and on monday, the other first day of the new year, i got my first tattoo of 2012.
And it is awesome.
In fact, Sarah's whole visit has been awesome. Lots of good food, good times, massive amounts of Star Trek and even some antiquing, and that's basically the stuff awesome is made of!

((Damn, that episode was so good, i'm gonna watch it again with Allan right now!))

(1. Sarah and Lucifer having a moment... was this Sunday? I can't even photoshop pictures in order, i'm so tired 2. I tried not to let it ever happen, but it did, i finished it 3. Saturday night hangover junk food bonanza! 4. Tattoo time! 5. My pretty moth tattoo, about an hour later... isn't he fantastic? 6. Later that night, fun with nail polish! 7. Walking to the shop in the beautiful weather 8. A few of our antique finds: matching belts of total awesomeness!)

I don't know, but i think i might like this way of posting my instagram pictures; randomly whenever i feel like it, better than the weekly-turned-monthly approach.
Let's face it, i'm just not a "features" person!

And now, because i never posted a picture of it here on the blog, Sarah's hat!

And the other side...

... and one of Jacqueline wearing it... pretty! 


  1. It's all about trading! I got two tattoos this weekend as trades. I love the barter system!


  2. It's so great, it makes me feel like i'm part of the civilization that should have been!

  3. that moth is so pretty!