Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Years post

New Years.
For me is usually all about partying. I rarely party so new years for me has always been a great excuse to dance, drink cocktails and be a little crazy*.
But, and i'm sure i speak for a ton of people here; new years is almost never the party it's supposed to be. Sure, sometimes it's fun, sometimes even great fun, but most times it's hardly even worth the hangover.

This winter i haven't really felt like keeping up with any traditions. I found it hard to get into the Christmas spirit and i really didn't feel like i needed the added pressure of new years, not this year.
Also, we weren't invited to anything that really sounded fun until the last minute, and so instead we decided to just skip it. Skip new years.
Yeah, about that...
That's not exactly how it worked out. I may not have been in the mood for traditions, but i couldn't just ignore them altogether either!
So we pretty much did what we usually do... for the most part; we dressed up nice (like i could resist my annual opportunity to wear hats and heels? Please...), we made a great dinner, we had sparklers, champagne, cocktails, the whole thing.
But we stayed home. Martin came over for dinner, and Helle, Michael and the kids came by for a quick glass of wine before they had to put the little rascals to bed.
 And, much to everyones surprise, Martin ended up staying with us till three in the morning!
We talked, listened to records, danced to lost of awesome 80's albums and drank.
It was everything i always look for in a great new years eve, and i found it in my own living room.

Me and Allan ended up staying up till past six, playing Guitar Hero, which is so, so hard to do when you're a little drunk, but also so much more fun!

Oh, and my outfit!
I wore a vintage dress i've had forever, leopard shoes that i've had even longer, and a really special hat i made in December, that i can't believe i didn't post here...?
I made it at the same time as the antler pieces (that i also haven't posted much about here for some reason), and, for once, it's more of a hat than a fascinator.
And the special part, besides that i think it turned out so awesome, is that i finally got to use this pretty vintage netting with a pretty bow, that one of Allan's clients gave me once.
And this hat... you guys, this hat just sits so well on the head, even in shitty thin hair like mine.
I danced, and at one point during the night even banged my head, and that shit just stayed put.
Actually, putting it like that, i don't think i really wanna sell this!

Allan was sweet to take a million pictures of me before our guests arrived, and because i like them, and i rarely ever have real, non-iPhone  pictures on the blog anymore, i'm just gonna go ahead post a bunch of them!
Imagine how much better this look would be if i had a nice hairdo, though? Sadly, i lack the patience, skills and hair quality to do that.
Maybe i should work on that in 2012... or just buy more wigs!

... i obviously didn't know about this one until i transferred the photos today...

The new year on instagram
(1. it was cold when we walked the dog in the afternoon 2. fancy 70s table 3. Helle and Kingston 4. awesome dinner and Martin 5. resting my sore feet 6. midnight 7.moments before slipping into sweatpants... 8. or in Allan's case, even less than that!)

The next day was spent watching Trek, nursing mild hangovers and eating a ton of leftovers... and of course, lots of cuddles

 *I drink two or three times a year, and i've almost come to look forward to my January 1st hangover.


  1. You look gorgeous! The hat & shoes are great. I hope you guys have a wonderful 2012.

  2. I am loving the longer hair! And I want that dress! :)

  3. Thanks so much, i hope you will too!

  4. It grows sooo slooow....

  5. you look so great! i've done something similar the last two new years and it has been so great. we go to our very close friend's house and all get dressed up and just stay in a play games and eat tons of good food. it is so much better than going out.

  6. Looks like you had a great Xmas and new year! 
    More at IMDbPro »Godt nytår!!

  7. fabulous outfit!  and i'm in total agreement, new year's eve at home with a few good friends is definitely the way to go!  happy 2012!

  8. happy new year! your hat/outfit looks great! 

  9. love the hat, love the shoes, love everything! :)

    Happy new year, lovely Amalie! (Even if it is late!)x

  10. Agreed, much better.

  11. Thanks, happy 2012 to you too!