Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good news, bad news, no news

We came to work early this morning to go see an apartment in the neighborhood.
It was one of those viewings that leaves you even more confused and undecided than you were before seeing it.
I loved it, but did i love it enough? It wasn't perfect, but is anything ever perfect?
The kitchen was so beautiful, but with a lot less cupboard space than we have now. There were more rooms, and bigger rooms, but the bedroom was kinda small. There was no balcony, but a pretty great backyard... confusing stuff.
I don't know, and i'm gonna need to think about this some more. Allan too.
And can i just say that i hate the fact that being so desperate to move as i am, makes it impossible for me to see things for what they really are? I just want this, and i want it now, and i am beyond sick of people telling me that "these things take the time they need to take, and before you know it the right place will just magically appear and be worth the wait"... thanks, but i am familiar with all the cliche's and i don't need to hear them again.
I have been very patient and i have been sensible. Now i'm over it, and i want the next chapter to begin already.

Enough angry ranting, it's probably just rain and a serious lack of caffeine making me cranky!

In more awesome news, my etsy shop is finally having a January sale!
Most items (except really new ones) are on sale, many at almost half price.
So please go check it out, and feel free to tweet or post a link or whatever if you wanna be extra sweet.

Etsy shop on the shop computer... no, it's not really that dark in here, but it's damn close

 This little dude is 40% off this month

I think another thing that really bothers me about this whole apartment hunting thing ( i guess i wasn't quite done ranting)  is how little i am going to get out of my money and efforts in this city.

Let me explain; every day i see pictures on my friends blogs and instagrams of the places they live. Some in warmer climates and some in cold ones like mine, but so many of them live in or around beauty. Lakes, mountains, forests, open spaces, clear skies. And that's just the ones who live close to the country. There are city dwellers too, of course, but even they have more spacious, more awesome apartments that cost less than half the price of mine, in far more interesting places than what i'm striving for. Which is just plain Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
Rent in Copenhagen is so, so high, and apartments in the city cost a fortune, and for what?
A better spot in a city i don't even love that much?
Some days i truly feel that the only reason i live here is because i happened to be born here, and just stuck around.
I'm telling you, if it wasn't for our wonderful and finally finished shop, i'm not sure i'd stick around much longer.


  1. I think everyone feels that way sometimes about the city/town/whatever they live in. I'm sure those bloggers and friends are only showing the nice days. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to live here and sometimes I just want to be in the middle of New York City or back in small town Alberta where I grew up. I hate taking the bus every day but would I rather live in a crap village where I could walk everywhere or an apartment where we couldn't have pets? Sometimes I am happy I live so far from my family and sometimes I am so sad I don't get to see them. I don't know, all I'm saying is there's probably pros and cons everywhere all the time, sometimes I have to really force myself to list the things I like about my life. When you think about it, it's pretty good.

  2. well and here am I in czech republic which is pretty much horrible in every way and envy you because of your beautiful copenhagen!haha

  3. Move to AUSTRALIA- in particular ADELAIDE!!! I love where I live..... You probably want to punch me in the face right now :P

  4. house hunting is so frustrating. we were living somewhere that was an hour from our work and friends and was so so cold in the winter and just awful. it felt like it took FOREVER to find our house. i wanted every place we looked at the be the one because i was just so tired of looking. so i feel your pain. 

  5. I totally agree, every place has its good and bad sides, and Copenhagen is no different when it comes to that. But Copenhagen is however just about the most expensive city in Europe, and it keeps getting worse. If you knew how much things like rent and food are i'm sure you'd choke on whatever you're eating at the moment (i'm just assuming you're eating!?)
    I have a lot of friends in other countries who have wonderful, big apartments, and pay a fraction of what we do for our place. That's the main thing that was pissing me off; not really wanting to be here, and paying a fortune for it anyway.

  6. But hey, at least it's cheap there! But Prague is nice, seriously so much nicer than Copenhagen any day!

  7. I do a little bit, actually. But only because i know you live by the beach!

  8. Yes, that's exactly how i feel. Thank you.

  9. Yeah that's true, living in an expensive city is very stressful.

  10. Hold out for the balcony you've been dreaming of!
    I understand, I've been wanting out of our tiny house for three years!
    We are finally moving in June. And will have plenty of room for visitors, hint hint!

  11. I'm glad you guys found a place, and i wanna come visit this year!