Sunday, January 15, 2012

Catching up time

It's Sunday night and i'd say we've had a pretty amazing weekend.

On Friday i had to go home due to a mild case of food poisoning.* One minute i was fine, the next i was losing my lunch and breakfast in the staff toilet. I can't even remember the last time i threw up before this, so i was more surprised than anything!
I know this doesn't sound like an amazing start to the weekend, but to me it was. See, i don't think i've ever in my adult life had a bad food reaction that wasn't followed by a panic attack turning bad into worse, but you guys; this time i stopped it. Like, with the power of my mind, just talked myself right out of panicking.
I'm not saying i'm cured of anxiety, but this was a huge step for me, and because of that, i spent my night on the sofa with a weak stomach, but still feeling stronger than ever.

Saturday we had a sushi date! Yes, my husband invited me out, and apparently it had been too long since we'd been to Bento last, cause the whole family gave us a hard time for not coming by more often! I guess we have to go back there soon. I felt a little nervous before going, not knowing if i was gonna be able to eat normally or not, but the food was delicious and my stomach was better already.
After dinner we went by the movie theater to pick up popcorn and took them home on the couch for movie night. It's always funny to see how people stare at us when we come riding, two on one bike, and the person in front (me), is laughing and trying to eat the popcorn with no hands before they fly out of the bucket.
I live for these moments.

Today we went to the shop to get a lesson in photo developing from the photographer who sold us most of our equipment, and to meet up with our partners in burlesque partying, Mille and Sofie, for some costume planning. We're so excited to start using the photo room, and the fitting went great too, it was especially fun to see us all in the hats i've been making for the occasion!

Right now, it's Trek time on the couch.
I've had Thai food and ice cream already, so i don't think i can squeeze in anymore snacking before it's back to eating healthy again... well, maybe just a few peanuts.

 (1. I'm working my ass off, but unfortunately it's still there! 2. Ready for a date night in the first mismatched clothes that fell out of the closet 3. Handsome hubby at Bento 4. Riding to the shop in the sun!)

*Turns out, fake bacon is not leftover lunch material after all.


  1. I really love to imagine you and your husband riding together on the bike, it sounds like it's straight out of a super cute romance movie! I'm glad you're feeling better! Food poisoning is the pits.

  2. Hej. I've laid my hands on an amazing book and I thought about you:
    Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordealsby Thomas Moore. He is a terapist (so you know he is not some of the new age freaks;)) and this book is so different from the others I've read. I think it's the most insightful books about anxiety and depression I've seen. 
    And ciao:)

  3. It is pretty damn romantic if you ask me, and i try to make him do it as much as possible!
    Thankfully this was the easiest case of food poisoning ever, so i was pretty lucky this time.

  4. Thanks, that sounds good, i'll see if i can find that on amazon :)