Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What i wore for Christmas

You know me; as much as i love dressing casual for most weekends and workdays (hell, 90% of the time i don't even bother putting on mascara), i also LOVE dressing up, so even though events like Christmas are pretty low-key, and only attended by family members, i still dress up for that shit.
My mom does it as well, so that's probably where i get it.

(1. makeup! clip-on acorn earrings were a gift from a friend and the ring is my moms old wedding ring 2. Wood Wood dress that Christel gave me, tights from day 21, shoes from Japan, vintage belt 3. not so fancy Christmas nails; candy apple red with snowflake stickers 4. part of our tree... live candles, of course)

Even though it looks like me and Allan will be staying home for new years this year (i know, it's my yearly get-drunk-and-act-like-a-fool-day, so i'm weirded out by the thought too), you bet your ass i'm gonna dress up for that too!