Saturday, December 3, 2011


Yes, i'm still here and no, i haven't completely fallen apart cause my husband is out of town.
In case you were wondering.
I was a little worried initially, cause we haven't spent more than a few nights apart in the last ten years, and the distance between us just seemed so crazy, but it's been... good.
I think i might actually be enjoying this time by myself, and i've really given myself permission to just relax and do what i want.

I went to work on Thursday, and got so much done, but because i didn't have to wait around for Allan to finish, i was already home by 7, which is super early for me, and still had the energy to make myself a nice dinner and play with the dog.
Yesterday i didn't go to the work at all because Eckel wasn't working either and the weather was kind of crap.
Instead i spent my day painting and working on the computer and listening to records, and in the evening i had an hour long facetime session with Allan after watching a bunch of Trek. Lucifer, who is missing his dad like crazy, got in on the video chat action too. So cute!

Today is my weekly coffee day, and i'd gotten a gift certificate to Sort Kaffe & Vinyl as a calendar gift on the 2nd of December*, so i braved the (today even crappier) weather to go to the café and get a small latte. Lucifer was not having the rain at all, so it was a short walk.
And now, today, i've actually cleaned the apartment, so it's nice when Allan comes home tomorrow. I can't have him seeing what a complete slob i turn into when he's not around, now can i?
Plans for the rest of my day include painting (as soon as my hands stop shaking, that is... damn, delicious java devil!), reading a huge stack of Buffy comics that i've been saving for a rainy day like this one, and later, maybe some takeout.
Being alone like this really isn't so bad, and it makes our love seem stronger somehow to have done this (yes, i know it's just a few days!)

This makes December bearable

Last nights puppy-head-tilt extravaganza

This rainy morning, Lucifer was happy to be back inside, i was happy to have my weekly coffee

This is where i'm spending the majority of my time... the time i don't spend on the couch with the crew of Voyager

I can't believe how much i've come to love Voyager, but my favorite episodes are those with TNG cameos

*Allan had hidden my calendar presents around the apartment and he's been texting me their locations every morning. I'm not showing you the 1st and 3rd cause they're kind of NSFW. He's sweet but he's also a perv. A lovable perv.


  1. lucifer is so cute video chatting.
    i think it is nice to have some time to yourself sometimes. my husband and i work at the same place and i love to have a day off to myself everyone once in a while. it is good.

  2. HAHAHAHA puppy head tilts are the best.

    I think Ryan and I get along so much better after we've missed each other for a bit. It really makes you realize what you love about the other person.

  3. I'm all about the original series of Star Trek! Have you ever watched it?

  4. Yeah, i guess when working together you need the time alone more than other people. I just don't think about it cause i enjoy his company, but i suppose it is good for us.

  5. True, i am looking forward to realizing a few of those things tomorrow!

  6. Yes, but not all episodes like i have (several times) with Next Generation. I like it a lot, but the... clumsiness of the era it was taped in, which makes it cool and unique, also makes it a little harder to relate to, whereas the other series are so easy to get into. Although earlier episodes of TNG are also a little CGI challenged to put it mildly.
    I do love the TNG movie Generations with Kirk in it. He is a character that one!