Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coming down

Today is Sunday, which means i had my weekly coffee this afternoon.
And i am just now, at 9.30 coming down from the caffeine buzz.
Or, crashing is probably more like it. This plus still having a cold means i could probably go to sleep right now and not get up for another 12 hours.

Today (and yesterday too) we went to the shop to set up the photo lab.*
It's pretty much done, and we pretty much have everything ready, now we just need the time and to, uhm, teach ourselves how to use it too.
We'd planned to try it today, but Allan ended up having to do a photo shoot, but since his first client of the week called in sick, we're hopeful about getting to try it out tomorrow instead.

Oh, and what did i do with my caffeine induced productiveness?
Made paper mâché antlers, of course!

My desk is suck a fucking mess now

More layers tomorrow, and maybe paint too... and then a few more antlers...

The antlers are for a hat project, obviously.
And possibly one of them fancy costume parties too! 
Yup, we got another one of those coming up in January, and i'm hopeful it'll make up for what's already looking like the most mellow new years eve ever.

*We're not calling it a dark room anymore, despite that being its actual name. Too. Many. Jokes.


  1. The antlers look pretty awesome!  Can't wait to see them in action, aka on someone's head!  :)

  2. Ailuropoda MelanoleucaDecember 23, 2011 at 1:12 PM

    Looking forward to see the results and the party pictures!