Friday, December 23, 2011

Calendar treats

Those who don't follow me on instagram* may have though that my husband only did a few days of Christmas calendar presents for me this year, since i only posted the one from the 2nd of December and then not a peep since.
But that's not true, he's been doing them every day, it's just that once i realized we were halfway through the month and i still hadn't posted any more, i figured that i might as well wait until the end.
Not the end-end, though, but who knows if there'll be time for blogging tomorrow?
It is Christmas after all!

So here they are, or most of them, cause i didn't take pictures of 1 and 3, apparently.
Probably for good reason... some things aren't meant for the internet.

(2. a gift certificate to Sort Kaffe & Vinyl so i could get my weekly coffee while Allan was in Norway... so sweet! 4. the new Feist album 5. the cutest Hello Kitty cup, with tiny marshmallows, from a gas station in Norway 6. tiny hamster 7. under pants! 8. Kitty candy 9.lacy stuffs 10. Bollywood record that i still haven't heard, dammit 11. last season of Voyager... i might cry when it's done 12. Danish flapjacks 13. pretty, pretty socks 14. pretty green tights 15. best organic chocolates 16. 30 Rock... we killed this already 17. more pretty socks that i happen to be wearing right now 18. Robot Chicken 19. more flapjacks 20. delicious organic Pukka teas 21. grey and black tights 22. Wallaby bar and flapjack (yes, i love those) 23. pringle pattern tights... and that's it so far. Last one of the year tomorrow!)

 *I also realize that i haven't, at all, been keeping up with my "this week/month on instagram" feature... i'm still not sure if it's dead or if i'm just taking a break!


  1. Isn't the new Feist album great!  I can't get enough of it!  She played a secret show in a crypt here in NYC that my boyfriend helped to find the location for, so we got free tickets.  It was pretty awesome actually because there was only about 150 people there total!  Anyway my main reason for writing this comment is because I wanted to know the rules you and Allan follow for your christmas calendar presents, its seems like a really fun idea!

  2. Awwwwww, so cute! I gave my ex boyfriend couple years ago a wooden christmas calendar with just candy and Black Sabbath stickers in it, kinda lame compared to this! :)

  3. I love this, it makes me so happy. Yay presents every day! :)

  4. That sounds like a great show. Lucky you!
    There aren't really that many rules to the calendar; the main thing is to give a little package (usually they're cheaper than the ones Allan buys!) every day in december, up until Christmas. In some families you hang them from a big wall-type calendar, sometimes in fabric with the dates on, and in other families they'll hang on a string and you can pick one that looks good. When i was a kid, my parents would hang them from the attic hatch and say the christmas elf left them for us.
    If you image google "pakkekalender" you can see different examples.
    An easier and cheaper way is to just give advent presents, on every sunday in December.
    Good luck next year!

  5. I don't know, sounds pretty good to me!

  6. Presents every day is the best!