Sunday, December 11, 2011

A brief hello from clammy vesterbro

It's been a while. Again.
And it was going so well too...
But i suppose i needed a little blog break; i sometimes do.

I've been thinking lately, or over-thinking is more like it, but i still don't know how to open my blog up to stuff like that. My thoughts, or my opinions, is more like it.
I feel like i share so much more on twitter sometimes. Maybe because it's easy and less challenging thatn dedicating a whole post to something?
I think i'm over the stage where i'm worried about offending people, or not living up to the expectations of complete strangers, but it's still tricky to change the shape of something that has existed for so long now.
Maybe someday i'll figure that out, but it won't be now.
Now, i need to go make myself a home alone dinner, possibly while thinking about whether the fact that we finally found a place we both want to live in, only to find that dogs aren't allowed there, isn't a sign that we need to move to another country rather than another part of this shit city?
Sometimes i can't for the life of me think of more than a single reason to stay.

This weekend, or until yesterday, actually, we went to the country for my parents' annual Christmas market in the old barn.
It was very cozy and Christmas-y, but i still haven't found that darn Christmas spirit.
Even typing the word rubs me the wrong way. Christmas.
Maybe i just need to go down into the basement, get out the decorations, and get over it?
It would be a good start, at least!

All handmade, as usual

My set-up

 Beautiful, gloomy Bisserup

Allan and his sleeping baby-kangaroo

My brother Tobias and his ewok Carla


  1. It's so annoying when pets aren't allowed! That what deposits are for! I hope you find your perfect home soon. I know how much it sucks being unhappy where you live and not finding anywhere else suitable :(

  2. It's so unbelievably frustrating! It's not even a rental, i wanna buy this place and i should damn well be able to decide for myself what kind of animals i want in my house. I've just mentally moved on from this place so long ago that i almost can't stand it anymore, and there are very few places for sale in our price range that meets our size requirements. Blergh. I hope you guys find your dream home soon too.

  3. UUUGH I had two cats once and ended  up just lying about them to find a place, it's so stupid.

  4. WTF? You buy a house and you can not decide to have a pet?? That's so weird. I like Denmark, but some of the things here I find too... Soviet?

  5. oh my gosh, carla is so cute!

  6. I completely agree.

  7. We're already living in a place where pets aren't allowed, but with the owners kind-of-consent and neighbors who love Lucifer, and i really don't see what the big deal is. Denmark is a dog-loving country, so it feels... extra stupid, i guess.

  8. She's so amazing; completely crazy and disobedient, but so sweet and loving too.