Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Working? Working!

After wrestling with paypal for a couple of hours today and yesterday, i am just about ready to declare myself the winner.
Those buy it now buttons are easy enough to make, but paypal can be a bitch and so can blogger and together? Well, let's just say that they require saint-like patience, which i don't always possess.

But right now everything seems to be working well enough for me to officially open...

Those of you who read this blog in reader or bloglovin' may not have noticed, but a new tab was added a few days ago (up, look up) and if you click that, which you should in a minute when you're done reading this, you will see a bunch of clothes for sale.
Some of it is ready to puchase right here on the blog (hence the paypal issues) and some of it links to my etsy store.
Now, bear in mind that this is just the tip of the textile iceberg currently residing in my living room, and lots more will be added as soon as i can get my husband to take some more headless photos of me (by the way, i LOVE headless photos!).
Prices are negotiable for longtime blog readers, because i love you, and if you have any questions about sizes, measurements*, fabric content or whatever, just leave a comment or send me an email.
Everything i put up here will be in good condition and hand washed before shipping.

Anyway, thanks for the comments and suggestions here and on twitter about how to go about this; i decided to take your advice and sell via the blog mainly and it's been fun setting it up so far.
You're all so wise!

*Measurements are kind of a pain in the ass, that's why i decided to only provide them if needed.


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  2. Hi Amalie, what's the size of the black dress with pockets? Giulia x

  3. Hi, it's a 36 which is like and xs-s, but it could fit a medium too.