Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Way up high

Another day, another potential dream apartment gets sold to someone who is not me.
And this one after only 7 days!
I didn't even get a chance to go see it in person.
This one was almost realistic too, i guess that's why i'm a little extra bummed.

I guess it's kind of a blessing that i spend as much time in my own little world as i do, because in my imaginary world, i don't have silly problems like finding a new apartment.
In my imaginary world, i have been living in a tree house someplace warm for years.
If you're wondering what i do in my tree house, the answer is make art and grow food and raise a few alpacas.* And swim a lot, cause my house is near a lake.

Tree house pictures from here, here and here, interior pictures mostly via woodsmaiden.

*The alpacas stay on the ground. There are rules in my tree house.


  1. Wow, wouldn't it be awesome to live in a tree house?! 

    Although I'd worry that I'd get fat on woodland treats and fall through the floorboards. I might need to install a safety net underneath.....

  2. Safety nets are totally acceptable. You can have your squirrel army make you one!

  3. How does the plumbing work in those tree houses I wonder.

  4. I think for most of them, it doesn't. One i read about definitely just had a hole in the ground. My imaginary tree house does have a bathroom, but it's on the ground floor!

  5. amazing <3 this post is beautiful!