Sunday, November 6, 2011

The (slumber) party is over

Our staycation (which you maybe didn't even know we were having?) has almost come to an end and i am ready to get back to work.
In theory.
I miss the shop a lot, and i miss being on top of things, but i'd be ok with just going in for a few days and then taking the rest of the week off!
But i have some exciting projects to start, and a lot of practical shit that needs to be done. So it's time.

It's been good around here.
Allan spent the better part of the month finishing an album cover, but there's been time for some long walks together, nice homemade dinners, and lots of reading for me.
A billion other things too, of course, but i always forget what i've been up to as soon as i sit down to blog about it.

Taking some time off to work on overcoming my anxiety, even isolating myself a little from some of the more negative influences in my life, has been good for me.
I feel more ready for winter now, and ready for challenges ahead.
But mostly i feel sleepy.
Damn you fall, damn you for making it dark at 5 pm.

This little guy is extra sleepy too these days

Saturday, heading down to the coffee shop

My second cup of coffee since quitting 19 months ago... having just one every week is working out pretty great for me

I have no real place to sit and do stuff at home, so recently i've just been camped out on the couch in the workroom

Today we took Lucifer to the park for a Prazsky get together, but there were no Prazsky's to be found (luckily we found a large group of small to medium sized dogs, and he got to sniff some butts after all)

I was hoping to remodel the apartment while we had time off, but Allan wouldn't let me do anything too drastic (read=fun) to the place, so that plan quickly died.
It doesn't matter much anyway, once i am done with something, i am done, so i don't think prettying up the place would make much of a difference.
Of course having my grandfathers old closet in pieces in my living room since August (see the big, brown board covering my bookcase in the picture below? Yeah, that's it) is something i could do without (like, really!) but assembling it in an apartment i don't want to live in doesn't exactly make sense either.

I really thought i would have found a place by now, and spending another winter here was so not a part of my overall life-plan, but instead of whining about it (like i usually do) i have started to prepare for moving.
Step one is cleaning out my closet.
Not just the stuff in the basement, although that needs to go too, but my actual closet.
There's so much stuff there (some of it really good stuff too) that i just never wear for some reason, and while it is pretty to look at, it takes up too much room.
In short; it gots to go!
So i'll either be selling some things here on the blog (in a tab on its own maybe) or on eBay (for used) and etsy (for vintage)
I started picking out items to sell today, and tomorrow i'll have Allan do a photo setup so i can start getting pictures of things and list them online, somewhere.
If you have ideas, input, have done something similar, which i'm sure many of you have, please leave me a comment.
Whatever way i decide to do this, there will be a blog-reader discount!

 The first batch of clothes, ready for their closeup (i didn't know where to put them, so i MacGyver'ed this "belt-over-door" hanger solution... i'm awesome sometimes...)

Ps. I've gotten really bad at commenting on blogs since i started using google reader instead of the blogger dashboard, but i'm trying to change that.
It's so convenient, but i realized that reading a post without actually visiting the blog is kind of like going to a dinner party at a friends place, but staying outside their house the whole time. Eating their food and drinking their drinks, but never actually going inside.
I've been missing out on carefully planned layouts, fun little details, and links to other good blogs.
You know, the whole blog experience, and i want to have that back.


  1. I actually have been meaning to do the same thing, I have some clothes and shoes I never ever wear. Maybe I'll see how you do it and then just copy you! :)

  2. In other news, you should use bloglovin'. It's super user friendly and I like it because I follow 45 zillion blogs but can easily pick and choose the entries I read, and mark the 'what I wore' and the meat recipes and stuff as read.

  3. Nooo, you do it first and i can copy you!

  4. I used bloglovin a long time ago, but never really liked it. Maybe i'll give it another go, or go back to the dashboard even (though probably not, cause it sucks...)

  5. I've always wondered what breed Lucifer is and I'm not sure why I've never asked! I've never heard of Prazsky before, so I googled :) Such a cute little picture of him!

    Good luck with the selling, it's so satisfying sending a batch of things off to the post office, knowing you've made some money and some space!

  6. i've showed up for a pug get together and been the only one there. it is such a bummer!

    have you tried bloglovin? i really like it because it is easy to go through all the blogs i read but i actually takes you to each entry so you see the whole thing.

  7. He's a Prazsky Krysarik, or a Prague Ratter. Best breed ever, pretty much!

  8. I haven't used bloglovin in a long time. But i don't necessarily think Reader is the problem, i think it's just me that needs to use it differently.

  9. Coffee time! Yummy. Ive been drinking coffee myself for the last 3 days after few months break.  Greedy me. I had to stop because I started feel twinge/ pain in my heart.  So today Im having guarana base coffee drink without coffee. Its good too ( not the same tho). 

    Good luck with selling clothes, I should do exactly the same thing. I have lots of stuff Im not wearing or never worn. 

    Frida crafty thing looks lovely. Iv been making my own jewellery with Frida too.  I love coming to you blog and finding little things in common, lovely lady. 

    Take care x

    ps.  (apart from panic attack for sure, not wish these to anyone). 

  10. Yeah, the caffeine is so bad for me, but having a nice cup of coffee on weekends is a pretty harmless little treat.
    I'm enjoying it so much more than before too!
    Frida jewelry sounds great, she's a nice thing to have in common for sure:)

    (true, that last part, it's a pretty shitty thing to have in common, but at least we're working on it!)