Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little pillboxes

I am about to start pizza and Trek night with Allan and Sarah, so this is just a quick "yay, there's new stuff in the shop!" post before the food gets here.
The pictures Allan took were great, as always, so i didn't even had to edit much.
Go have a peek at the shop, if not for the hats, then for the pretty pictures!

My tattoo is feeling much better today.
I must admit, yesterdays insane purple bruising had me a little worried, but today i even walked up to a 5th floor apartment without a throbbing thigh, so i think i'm gonna be ok.

Ps: Henriette, send mig en besked hvis jeg skal reservere den med lijlerne til dig :)


  1. cuckoo hat so cute and cool :)

  2. If that lily headband is still there when I get a ring on my finger, it shall be mineeeeee! Wedding hat!! I wish I could start buying wedding stuff ready but it's bad luck. Bah. I don't wanna invite bad luck, I've had so much already!

    Should be making a purchase on Wednesday! :) Yay! 
    (Not the lily hat of wonder, sadly)

  3. Your wedding hat should be custom. Duh.

  4. Then maybe I shall be all fancy and have two hats!