Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going home

It finally happened; we bought tickets to Japan.
I can't even begin to describe how weird it's been, not being there for almost a year.
I wanna say i've missed it, but that'd be a gross understatement.
It's almost like i've mourned the loss of it? Even though it's obviously still there!
It's hard to explain, but not going there for over a year, not seeing our friends, not going to the places i usually go to for two months out of the year, not hearing people speak Japanese on a daily basis... i sincerely hope i never have to do that again.

I suppose it's not too hard to guess why we haven't been to Japan at all in 2011, and i wish i could say i think it's safe there, but i don't. I don't think it's safe at all.
And i don't know if going back is a good idea at this time.
All i know is that i miss it so much, i don't even care about any of that anymore.

We booked a short trip, just 2 weeks, our shortest ever, and in February no less.
I've never even been there in the winter before.
It's probably wet and cold, and yet; again with the not caring.
We found cheap tickets, we had to no other plans, and it just felt right.
And, much to our surprise, we just got word from Shige that he managed to fit us in for some tattooing while we're there too. Unexpected and so lucky! He's the best.

I seriously can't wait to see everyone.

 Ai took this picture on our trip to Kyoto, almost a year ago*

Maybe i'll finally get to meet this little bumblebee? I hope so!

*Still trying to grow out the undercut in that picture... ugh...


  1. YAY!!! Det er jo så fedt! Og det skal nok gå det hele! Looove!

  2. Yay!  I hope you have a good time! 

  3. yay! kiss that baby for me! i miss japan too....

  4. I hope i get to meet her. We're only gonna be there for two weeks, and Izumi moved to friggin Hiroshima! Did she tell you? It's kind of far from Tokyo, but i hope we'll have time to visit her. I wanna meet Akari so bad!

  5. Is it weird to be happy that you're going? Well I am! Really hope it is safe for you guys and that you see it's getting better for all the people living there. We don't hear anything on the news about how Japan is doing anymore :(

  6. Yeah, it's not fresh and sexy tragedy news stuff anymore. We don't hear anything either.
    But i'm happy that you're happy! Japan always makes my blog more interesting, so everybody wins!

  7. I was just telling Jonas Mew the other day that I've come to realize that nowhere is safe from fat-ass dirty-rich assholes, except for maybe Denmark, ha.  Anyway, I think you'll be fine as long as we don't have another huge quake like 3.11.  I'm truly happy that you've decided to come back. 

  8. Denmark isn't safe from the fat cats either... i'm sure Jonas said that too!
    I'm happy too, i've felt like part of me has been missing since we've been away.