Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yesterday was a good, but draining day, which is why it was so quiet on the blog.
I'd also cut my finger really bad on Sunday trying to open a bottle of nail polish with a hobby knife (feel free to judge, i do dumb shit like that all the time), so i haven't actually been able to type until today! And even now, it's not exactly easy, so i'll just keep this nice and short.

I spent most of the day yesterday working on projects in the drawing room. It's a good way to start the week.
I'd finished the head piece i'd been working on last week on Saturday, so Monday was the day the new owner, a lovely girl called Camilla, was gonna come by to pick it up.
I always worry people won't like the finished product (although that has never actually happened, but that's no reason not to fear it, right?), so i always feel a huge sense of relief when i'm done and a piece is going home with a happy client.
Yay for that!
I worked some more on my Frida piece, until i got super distracted by these Christmas hair clips i made last year, but never put for sale online.
So i redid a bunch of those and had a fun little photo session, just me and Allan's way too fancy camera.
As soon as i get the pictures back, those babies are going straight to etsy.
So while i'm a little stuck with my cleaning-out-the-closet project at home, at least i'm getting stuff done at work!

Here's what Camilla's headband looked like on instagram, i'll have a better picture for the website soon

 I am done with the embroidery, now comes the scary part...

 I added a deer to this hat because, well, Christmas hats needs deer!

I went for my first appointment with a new therapist today.
I was a little (a lot) nervous, and i don't think i sat still the whole time, but other than that, it went really well, and the guy seemed both nice and competent.
So i now have books, exercise, therapy and medication (that i haven't used) to help me cope with, and in time hopefully cure, my anxiety.
I'll do a post soon with some book recommendations, for those of you who are interested in that stuff.

Oh, and i also found mock duck at an Asian supermarket near the therapists office... Christmas is saved!! (Ok, not really, it's probably gonna suck balls, but at least i'll eat well!)

Ok, gotta get back to work. Yes, this is a are case of me blogging at the shop.
Maybe i should do that more, it's actually kind of nice.


  1. I quite enjoyed seeing a councillor. I cried at her for the whole hour each time I went and it really helped, getting out all that pent up frustration and sadness. Helped me feel like I wasn't dumping that stuff on my friends. I probably didn't speak a word of sense the whole time I was there haha!

    Hope it does you good too! :)

    Yum, I love all the asian "mock-" stuff. I had mock abalone a few times, it was awesome!

  2. I never cried the whole time i was seeing my previous therapist, i don't think i can. But who knows, maybe this one will break me:)

  3. Hej Amalie. Bare af nysgerighed og for at redde vores jul også, hvor fandt du mock duck henne? Ditte

  4. Hej Ditte, jeg købte det i China Town Market. Det ligger nede ved hovedbanen, på Rewentlovsgade må det være. Jeg har ikke prøvet det endnu men det ser godt ud og koster kun 14 kr for en dåse!

  5. It's ok if you just love it. Although LOVE it is much better :)

  6. i love everything about this post. except for that nail polish related injury. love to you amalie!

  7. Haha, yeah, that was pretty stupid. I told Allan it was his fault for not being strong enough to open it for me!

  8. Tak for tippet det skal helt sikkert prøves. God bedring til Lucifer.

  9. Tak, han har det meget bedre allerede.