Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fall leaves

It's Saturday and i spent my day at work, so for that reason alone, my brain is a little fried and unwilling to work with me. I don't see much email answering in my near future.
But it was ok being at work today; Allan was tattooing friends and our buddy Sarah, who you may remember from previous posts such as this one, was here working too, so i didn't mind so much. 

Yesterday was actually gonna be our day off since we had to come in today, but we went to the shop because Allan had a meeting with some German gallery people (it went well, if you're wondering) and since we were gonna be there anyway, i was supposed to get a new tattoo. 
I have a spot, or more like half of my right lower arm to be accurate, that i've been wanting to do for so long, and after going through just about a million different ideas, i had finally figured out what i wanted. And i wanted Allan to do it. And that was gonna be yesterday. But as you've probably guessed, that didn't happen so much.
My ideas weren't so easy, i guess, and he kept not being able to find the right way to go about it, so after a couple of sketches he gave up and we went to work.
I tried to act cool, but i was really disappointed cause i'd looked forward to it for such a long time, but i also found myself a tiny bit relieved that i didn't have to get tattooed. But after a quick self-analyses i realized that it was my anxiety talking, not me. My anxiety felt great about being let off the hook; it always does, but i actually wanted to get tattooed, so after Allan had finished tattooing Sarah, i asked him to work a bit on my leg instead.
He decided to color in all the leaves and it ended up taking three hours, and even though it sucked hard, i felt so proud of myself for not bailing even though it would have been super easy for me.
It's these things i gotta do now; the things i don't really wanna do.

Leaves, pretty, pretty leaves

Sarah getting her Halloween tattoo, only a little later than everyone else

After Allan was done tattooing he took a few hat pictures for me, so i think i'm gonna update the etsy shop again tomorrow.
I think this is the most items i've ever had in my shop at the same time, and right now i don't even care if anyone buys them, i'm just stoked to have a full shop!


  1. Jeg er stolt af dig, mouse! 

  2. i love that picture of you getting tattooed. it makes me want to make an appointment. i'm starting my legs next i think.

  3. Best of luck, hope you get something really sweet.

  4. I really like your thought about it being your anxiety talking, not yourself - and then having the guts to decide :) Hoping I'm not intruding, but I have the same issues, especially towards getting tattooed, and I was just wondering if you read anything on the subject or have any tips? Loving your blog btw!

  5. I hate getting tattooed. I almost took a painkiller before getting tattooed yesterday! But I decided to be brave instead, which wasn't easy. I hate it the most when people say "why do you have so many if you hate getting tattooed so much"... as if you're walking around in constant pain or something.

  6. It's tough on the legs, so three hours on your knee is pretty amazing! I'm such a wuss nowadays, I never want more than about 2 hours. I can't believe I used to happily sit for 6 hours or so! I sat for 10 once. Crazy.

    Can't wait to see your leg finished and what you get on your arm :)

  7. Thanks for the comment, you're not intruding at all.
    For me, trying to get rid of the anticipatory anxiety is the most important. I can ruin days leading up to getting tattooed if i let myself.
    I try to be prepared without obsessing, if that makes sense. I don't take any drugs, but i keep the relaxing pills i still haven't tried nearby, and tell myself they're there if i need them. I bring food and drinks, and make myself as comfortable as possible. If i'm not in my own studio, i bring headphones so i can listen to my own music. I also try to let go of negative thoughts, like "what if *insert your fear* happens". Instead i try to think of all the times i've had a good session, how happy i'm gonna be when it's done, and how the pain and discomfort and even the anxiety is just a few, brief moments in time. It won't last forever.
    This time i did some abdominal breathing techniques both before, for nerves, and during, for the pain.
    I'm gonna do a post soon about the books i've been reading too.
    Hope that made sense!

  8. Yeah, like we have magical pain coping abilities? Mope, it sucks every time, and it doesn't really matter how many you have.
    I prefer not taking anything either, i took some ibuprofen for the swelling after but they made me so dizzy. I'm glad i didn't take them during! Your new tattoo is super pretty by the way!

  9. I'd never sit for 10. Not ever! But i still have to do 6 in Japan, if i'm told to :(