Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Oh, i feel like it's monday today. Anyone else got that belated monday feeling?
Maybe it's just cause i haven't seen the sky much today. Or at all.
But yesterday we did and it was pretty and amazing, even if it was just for a little while!

As you already know, Sarah was here all weekend and it was, like, the funnest ever.
She stayed at my parents' place for the most part, but since they came in for a birthday party on Sunday, we ended up having a sleepover too, and Lucifer, who is usually glued to me or Allan all the friggin time, spent the entire night on the couch with Sarah. So cute.

Oh, and as an added bonus to having a great weekend, Sarah took home a bunch of my favorite clothes, so now i a) don't have to list it for sale and b) know they're going to a good, loving home. Win!

One of my dresses with its new Blossom-looking owner!

I rediscovered this dress that i haven't worn in a long time

 Worn with the same boots as pretty much every day

Today i am working on finishing my Frida piece, as well as doing some bookings.
Both of those things are giving me a hard time, and i'm already kind of looking forward to going home.
I am however not looking forward to Allan going to Norway by himself this weekend.
I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but we've spent maybe 5 nights apart in the last 10 years, so 4 days is a lot for us. And i worry about him when he's not with me. I bet i'm gonna have nightmares about him falling into fjords and being eaten by trolls in sweaters all weekend! What? That's totally what Norway is about.


  1. Norge är också lusekoftor och lunchsmörgås i papperspaket. Härlig blogg du har

  2. Troll Hunter! That's all i think of when I think of Norway. And lakes.

    Also, you have the cutest clothes i wish i were just a tiny bit smaller! (don't we all)

  3. Totally, lakes and trolls. I sure do wish that i was smaller, maybe then i'd be able to fit my own clothes from last year!

  4. I love your black dress and your hair is looking great!