Sunday, October 16, 2011

A walk in the woods

You're not gonna believe this (ok, you might, but i almost didn't): today i left the house with my Canon.
Not just my iPhone, no, an actual camera.
I don't think i've done that since August!
I feel guilty for not bringing it along more often, mostly because i feel it's lazy to just use my phone, but i feel bad for my camera too. It's a good camera, it's served me well. In case you're wondering, yes, i do have a tendency to anthropomorphize... ok, more than a tendency, but whatever, it's probably the reason i have cool stuff, so i'd say it's working pretty well for me!

Anyway, it's Sunday, and since we had a long and busy work day yesterday, i felt like having a real day off today. So i suggested a roadtrip. The idea was not well received by my other half, but he went along with it anyway.
We drove up to Dyrehaven with our trusty sidekick (who i didn't take ant pictures of for some reason...?) and a couple of slices of last nights crappy pizza. When we got there i had only just said to Allan: "i hope we'll get to see some deer" when we saw the first one. They're beautiful, and not too afraid of humans. Not Nara tame either, but you can get close. And they look so great with the autumn foliage.
Me and my man held hands and shared popcorn, Lucifer sniffed some upper-class-mutt-butts, and Jean-Luc didn't break down once.


Moss and mushrooms... pretty much my favorites

This little cutie-pie was just lying there on its own

Lunch spot

Amalie's Guide to Taking a Great Picture: 
1. Find reluctant subject who has a mouth full of pizza 2. Have a leash in your hand and an annoying dog pulling at it at the other end 3.Try to somehow get your own shadow in the frame 4. Fire away! 
(You're welcome!)

Like it said, we've been having the best weather lately

Slowly crossing the road, not paying much attention to people or dogs

I quit drinking chai.
I know, i'm just quitting stuff left and right, but all that warm milk every single day was getting to be too much for my poor stomach.
But i've decided that i can have a few on weekends, so i had one when we came back to the city, and i drank it in the living room while editing these pictures and listening to vinyl.
I think "Mission: Great Day Off" is a success.


  1. so pretty! I'd love to get that close to such beautiful animals :)

    Looks like Cph has been having the same, beautifully sunny, Autumn weather we've been having! :)

  2. looks like you had a super day and I can't believe you can get so close to the deer, so lucky!

  3. Lovely Deer !
    I wish I can see some when I walk in the woods. :(

  4. Yeah, we really can't complain, autumn is being good to us.

  5. They're used to people, it's pretty great.

  6. I know, they're so cute!

  7. I miss nature so much! In Denmark I know only Copenhagen. Where is this place? Very far from here?

  8. No, it's pretty close actually. Just take the train to Klampenborg St. and it's right around the corner. It takes about 20 minutes from the central station. It's the woods where Bakken (the old amusement park, the one that's kind of like Tivoli) is located. Very easy to get to and a really nice getaway!

  9. Wow, I have to chek it out, thanks.