Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So, Lucifer is all better (yay, so relieved!) but i've been on the couch with some awful stomach thing all day.
Lucky for me, i'd planned to spend my day off on the couch anyway, so HA! Take that, sickness.
Yeah, not feeling much like a winner, but you take what you can get, right?
Anyway, i didn't come here to blog about my shitty health, because, well, boring.
No, i came because i apparently had a crap ton of activity on my etsy shop earlier today, and i just found out where it came from.
Turns out, one of the recent treasuries i've been in made the front page!
My first time for that (i assume), so yay!
And it was a Mori Girl themed treasury, which is so nice to see because it means that non-Japanese girls are finally getting into this style too.
Ok, back to the front page; i was a little bummed that i'd missed it by about 6 hours (they change it all the time) but after the quickest google search ever, i found a page, this one, that takes screen shots of all the featured treasuries.
Can i say "yay" again or have i used up my quota for the day? You know what, don't answer that.

Oh, who cares... screen shot, YAY!

Tomorrow me and Allan are meeting up with Jacqueline to take some new hat pictures, so expect new items in the shop very soon.
Oh, and this was the piece that made the front page. I still like that one a lot.