Friday, October 14, 2011

Shining so bright

It's so cold now, but we're having a pretty spectacular week here in Copenhagen anyway.
As long as it's not raining, the cold ain't so bad.
This won't last, of course, so i'm trying to enjoy it.

We've entered the work part of our staycation, but that's ok, the shop needed us.
It's been good to get shit done, and it's been good to get out of the house.
Being idle is not what i need right now, so i don't even mind having to work tomorrow. On a weekend.
So unlike me.
Maybe i'll bring a book.

Today by the lakes

My rather limited view of the beautiful night sky from the shop kitchen

I'm not gonna rant about this, but i gotta say; i need to move.
It's getting worse, so much worse than ever.
It's pretty much all i can think about... when i'm not busy over-analyzing my mental health, that is.
I think my apartments obsession might actually be the better of those options!


  1. Australia has nice weather! Sunshine all year round :P

  2. such a beautiful atmosphere... I really like looking at your pictures!

  3. But you don't really get to appreciate it, what with being busy fending off hoards of poisonous animals 24-7 and all that!

  4. Thanks and right back at ya; i really, really love your pictures!