Monday, October 24, 2011

Out of character

I'm not usually much for Halloween, or any new, imposing American holiday for that matter (i'm looking at you, Valentines Day!), but we kind of decided to go all in and embrace Halloween this year.
We're doing this thing at the shop, and on Saturday we went on a cheesy Halloween-themed Tivoli date!
And much to our surprise, we liked it.
The decorations in the old amusement park were generally cute and fun, and the mood was full of autumnal goodness.
And that place always smells of sugar and popcorn, so you know, bonus right there!

While we were walking around, we got to talking about why we rarely go to Tivoli around Christmas time where they have a similar thing going on, and we decided that the difference is guilt. Halloween is guilt free for us.
It's not even a real holiday, no one is expecting you to do anything or buy anything, and it doesn't lead up to anything bigger than a party, at the most.
Whereas Christmas is the mother of all holidays, and therefor, basically fueled by guilt.
Christmas is several months of hype and consumer madness, of stressing over buying friends and family juuust the right piece of whatever junk they probably don't want or need, and of doing things exactly the way your supposed to because "that's tradition".
And it all starts so very soon, always sooner than you'd like it to.
So it was nice to enjoy something holiday like, but way less... pressure-y.

 Uuuuhh, scary (but not really)

Pumpkins everywhere

So much like Christmas, only... not

We didn't go on any rides (although i may have begged and pleaded until i saw the price of an individual ticket to the roller-coaster, and goddamn!) but we did go eat some pretty good pseudo-Japanese food at Wagamama.

Almost like on a real date.*

*Another concept i personally can't stand, but that's a rant for another day.


  1. awww cute pumpkins! :) I'm gutted that they are taking down the Halloween decorations a few days before we get to Disneyland Paris. Boo! Excited for Disney adventures though!

    I'm super excited about xmas, but I totally understand the guilt thing. Every year my family tell me not to buy them gifts, to save my money and I never listen. I get spoilt rotten every year and would feel awful if I didn't even try to spoil my family back.

    Jesus just got some fancy bath shit, where the hell did this form of xmas come from?!

  2. Ha! I have some of the same photos! Only darker.. and not as nice..
    I, too, may have begged and pleaded to go on a ride, but was told that *someone* hadnt taken sea-sickness meds and could not.
    Not even on the baby roller coaster.
    Colour me sad..

  3. I love giving my family presents, but i feel like the whole thing have gotten out of hand. I tried for homemade stuff last year, but no one followed me, so yeah, slightly awkward instead!

  4. Don't be sad, it was way too cold and expensive to go on rides anyway. Rides are for summer when you have a turpas!

  5. Oooh loving all the photos of the pumpkins!