Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little green turtle

Sometimes it takes Allan a while to give me pictures that are on his memory card, and sometimes it takes me a while to edit them once i have them on my computer.
Such was the case with the turtle fascinator, and that's why it hasn't been on the blog before.
The turtle fascinator was a custom order i got from my regular (i can say that if she owns more that one of my pieces, right?) Henriette who had this tiny little turtle that she didn't really know what to do with.
So she gave it to me and asked me to come up with something. And so i did.
I made the fascinator pretty small, so the turtle wouldn't drown, and i think it turned out really cute and delicate.
The green fabric and the feathers are from Japan... god, i miss craft shopping in Tokyo.
And everything else there too!

I little lighter than in real life, to enhance details

Now, it didn't take him nearly as long to give me the pictures we shot with Jacqueline at the shop the other day.
Maybe because they're his pictures and he was looking forward to editing them?
Or maybe because i nagged, who knows.
In any case, i got them and they're magnificent!
Like, way better than my hats are, so i really don't deserve these pretty, pretty pictures... but i'll take them!

The etsy shop haven't been updated with new pieces (but this current listing did get a couple of new pictures) cause i still need a few close ups of some of the hats, but the new website is being built and updated and cursed at... and yeah. I'm still working on it, but it'll be up real soon.

One of my favorites from the other day

Alright, time to go make some dinner.
Or anything that doesn't involve working on that *%¤#!?^ website.


  1. Du er så sej, mouse!

  2. | so need you to make one of those with the huge white flower for me...pls ? =)

  3. that photo is magnificent! :)

  4. allright - consider this an order then =)

  5. Jeg har tjekket mit stash og jeg tror det var de sidste liljer... men når jeg lægger den her på etsy skal jeg nok reservere den til dig!