Monday, October 17, 2011

Chop chop

At my house (and by house i mean the apartment i almost can't stand anymore), we have a bad habit.
Whether we're working till past 10 pm, like on Saturday, or have the whole day off like we did yesterday, we'll ask each other the same question every night: "sooo, what are we gonna eat?"
And by the time we ask each other this (it varies who asks it first), the supermarkets and restaurants are either closed, or pretty damn close to being closed.
We're good at many things, but planning just isn't one of them.
So on many nights we'll settle for some crappy takeout from the kebab place on the corner, the only kind of place that's open after 10 (their falafel is actually ok, as long as you don't make the mistake of watching them prepare it) or i'll whip together some pasta dish that usually contains leftovers and artichoke pesto.

But today i decided to try and do something that resembles planning ahead. I can't make a food schedule, cause that's just not in me, and since i improvise most meals, it wouldn't make much sense anyway, but i went to the supermarket and bought a crapload of vegetables, so at least there's stuff in the fridge for the rest of the week.
And, because i didn't have anything else to do today really (i even vacuumed just because i didn't know what to do with myself), i peeled, rinsed and chopped everything too. I even blanched the sugar snaps, which is something i always remember at the very last minute, and then i have to eat them warm.

Anyway, that whole rant was actually just an excuse to post this picture of the pretty colors in my sink.
Some days, i think i should just have a tumblr instead of this having to write something just to post a picture.
But then, if i didn't ramble on, it wouldn't be my blog.

Pretty fall colors, even indoors

Even though i just spent a good hour and a half (at least) on Project Easy Vegetable, i think Allan might actually be doing the cooking tonight.
It's never been his thing, and in all our years together, i've always been the cook, but he has a few dishes that he's getting really good at.
Fake-meat lasagna is one of them and i think (hope) we're having that tonight!


  1. Her gælder reglen, at er man den der spørger først, er det den andens hovedpine at finde ud af, hvad vi skal spise. En slags antidemokrati om man vil.

  2. Sådan er det desværre også lidt her, men når begge for det meste er blanke hjælper det lige fedt.

  3. we take it in turns to cook. I always try and come up with an excuse why I can't cook though :)

    it's tough trying to plan ahead. we don't use half the food we buy and end up throwing stuff away. in fact, we SHOULD try and plan meals!

  4. I hate having to throw away food, it's the worst.